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 Blood Water - Avatar Bender Short Story

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PostSubject: Blood Water - Avatar Bender Short Story   Sat Jul 29, 2017 7:53 pm

So, I was toying with the Avatar pirates and blood benders. I like my villains to be extremely powerful threats, if they can be beaten easily they're not a threat. So, I had this idea. Rather than make an RP. I wrote a short story. Here's the thing, this is not a happy story. It is left the way it is in case I do make a RP or if I choose to continue it on. Otherwise as it is, it is not a happy story.

The names were randomly generated from here


Vilron had spent months at sea with the crew. They were shipping supplies between towns, taking any cargo they could. The ship was large, considered one of the better for getting cargo around. The Captain had started with a small ship but through charisma and cleverness made enough business deal to upgrade, and it was in this larger ship that Vilron had signed on. He was an earth bender, not exactly great but he knew enough. The ship was known as the Water Jackalope, it had been the Captain’s favorite animal, enough that the ship had one that bounced around the deck. The Jackalope was lovingly named Reed and the Captain swore there was a story but hearing it was near impossible.

The crew was made up of benders and non benders. First there was a loud heavy build fire bender, his laugh seemed to shake the boat, Lomel. He told bad jokes but even then they were hard not to laugh at because he just loved them so much. His best friend was a skinny but tall earth bender by the name of Gesil. Gesil enjoyed his time off drinking lightly only on Friday nights, it was how he kept track of how many days they had been at sea. Gesil also strummed a few notes on a liuqin at night and sang a few songs on calm nights. Everyone knew when it was Friday and drinking time for the man, his liuqin would be out of tune.  Lomel and Gesil were the ship’s defense both capable of using cannons and being living cannons.

Then there was Lomel’s younger brother, Rakim. Unlike Lomel, Rakim was quiet and rather small. He was friendly though and had a nice smile. He usually just shook his head at his brother’s jokes. Rakim enjoyed reading below deck and acted as the cook for the ship. To get ingredients though he relies on a non bender woman who refused to tell anyone where she came from. Her clothes had no obvious point of origin, one day she’d wear earth kingdom clothes, the next water tribe. She was Tikota though, a beautiful woman who didn’t put up with anyone teasing her. Being a non bender didn't seem to bother her or slow her down. She was skilled at fishing and when they stopped off at an island she could hunt and gather better than the benders. She wouldn't let anyone starve on the ship but at the same time didn't talk much with the crew except with sharp, sarcastic comebacks. She spent most of her time in the kitchen. She would climb up a supporting post and lay across one of the thick planks of wood that ran along the ceiling. Several of the posts had marks on them when she threw a knife because someone would annoy her. She never hit anyone but they got the message when the knife would fly past them and into the post. The posts near Rakim had the fewest marks, which made Vilron suspect the two may be more than friends.

Two water bending twins, one male and one female kept the ship moving. They liked to compete with each other. Ziccor was the brother, who usually stood on the starboard side and moved the water around the ship. Hilaka was the sister who stood on the Port side. The two often kept ice around their feet so the could stay still when doing a sharp turn. Their technique meant they could turn without flipping the ship faster than boats without water benders. The two would tease each other, splash the other with water, it was normal to hear them yelling playfully at each other.

Then there was the Captain, a woman Airbender by the name of Tala. It was never clear why she ended up doing this but on a ship with sails her airbending gave them the extra bit of speed they needed to be the best. Tala treated the crew like a beloved family, all those who came and left she wished well. She kept barrels of rocks and dirt for the earth benders, in fact one of the lower levels the floor was coated in dirt to provide a sense of comfort, of still being connected to the ground even at sea. On hot, dry days she would get one of the twins to freeze some water and then run a breeze over the ice and down into the lower levels to help keep everyone who needed it cool.

Tala’s right hand was a big muscle wall by the name of Ruoshin. Vilron didn’t know much about him. He was one of the largest people that Vilron had ever seen. He'd once seen Ruoshin pull up the anchor on his own. Vilron was pretty certain the man was not a bender but he didn't know, the man never spoke. His tanned skin was covered in faded scars though, in some spots they reminded Vilron of tiger stripes. Whatever his past it was likely not pleasant.

Vilron was young, he was enjoying his time on Water Jackalope. He spent much of his day checking on everyone to see if they needed help or checking on Reed. He had been brought on as an extra set of hands, moving barrels, checking supplies, keeping inventory and making sure Reed didn't jump off the ship for a swim. That had happened more than once, often one of the twins would pull him back up and leave a pool of salt water for Vilron to clean up as Reed would shake himself out and the hop on his way.

It was a lazy day, they were in no rush. Lomel and Gesil were playing some game below deck, now and then Lomel's boisterous laugh would echo up. The twins were sitting, each on their own side with a leg hanging out. Now and then they’d move their hands to keep the ship moving but more the most part there was a light breeze that urged the ship forward. Ruoshin and the Captain were off discussing maps behind closed doors. Rakim and Tikota were in the kitchen, Rakim was reading and Tikota was sharpening a knife. It was a break from the constant movement, but it’s always calm before the storm.

In the distance was a heavy fog like mist, but they paid no mind to it, after all it was far off and not near where they were heading. Vilron was leaning on the railing watching it anyways when there was the sound of erupting water, far louder than the twins playing a joke. A roar sliced through the air making Vilron cover his ears before turning to look. A shadow looked over the boat, a great serpent had emerged.

“What in the Avatar’s name is a Ugani doing here?” Ziccor shouted.

“Look out!” The creature slammed its body down onto the ship with another roar. It seemed to move unnaturally.

Vilron had dodged out if the way, inches away from the dark scales of the eel like creature. “Ziccor! Hilaka! Are you two okay?” He tried to see past the massive creature to check on the twins.

“We’re fine, at least for now.” Hilaka yelled back.

The commotion drew the others to the deck. “Lomel, Gesil get this thing off my ship!” The Captain’s voice rang out.

“Aye, aye Captain,” Lomel shouted back. “Gesil go get yer rocks I’ll see how this thing likes to be roasted.” He punched forward, fire spewing forth to the side of the creature. It lifted off the boat, roaring with discomfort, wiggling awkwardly before stopping and seeming to be perfectly straight for a moment. Suddenly it wrapped around the mast of the boat and started to constrict.

“Anyone else think that’s not normal?” Vilron shouted.

“It’s not, something is wrong,” Rakim replied. “It shouldn't be out here, let alone attacking the ship unprovoked.”

“Unnatural or not, it’s about to break the mast if we don’t stop it.” Tala shouted, “Everyone stop that thing! Force it back into the water!”

The twins had gotten back up and we're pulling water together to try and push the creature’s head back, to make it uncoil. Gesil had returned with a few rocks only for Ruoshin to disappear below deck and return with a barrel of them which he dumped onto the deck before retrieving abothing. Gesil started tossing rocks at the creature, Lomel kept burning and his brother joined trying his best. Tikota had pulled out her knives and started to attack. It seemed to start working, the Ugani screeched in pain. Vilron started to help Gesil as best he could. The creature turned its massive head and went straight for Lomel but was stopped by a powerful blast of air from Tala.

“No one eats my crew, and no one breaks my ship!”

It all seemed to be going well. Ziccor’s voice came from the other side of the creature, “Almost there. Almost-”

The mist had caught up to them coveting their boat. It was warmer than mist though, unnaturally warm, it was hard to call it mist at all. In the brief moment of confusing the was a cracking sound. The creature had stopped fighting back. It screeched and looked as if it were in pain but it wrapped around the mast again and broke it before slipping off into the water.

“What’s going on?” Halaka asked but no one had an answer.

Lomel wiped his head. “S’like  being in the kitchen when Rak makes stew. Ain’t natural is what it is.”

The crew looked around before they noticed the shadow, another boat pulling up alongside them. Through the mist like substance Vilron could see the carved bow of the ship, it almost reminded him of a cross between a dragon and lion, mouth open with sharp teeth. Below it were massive chains that went into the water. The ship was dark in color, and as it pulled up along side the Water Jackalope they could see water benders running water through fire and into steam. That’s what the mist was, traveling down along the side if the ship were holes releasing more steam. In the center of it all was a bender moving, keeping the steam close to maintain cover. Vilron figured the bender must get tired often.

A man stood at the helm perfectly still, unnaturally so. Honestly everyone had a dead eyed expression except one man at the railing who looked at them with a wide grin. The man bowed slightly, lathe sweeping movements as if it were just a show. “Greetings! Greetings! Hold your applause, please! I assure you there will be time for that later.” He jumped onto the thick railing of his ship and walked along it. “I am sure you have many questions and-” he stopped suddenly looking rather unhappy. He spun around to look at his own crew, “Enough with the steam!” All of the benders immediately stopped and stood perfectly still. The man spun back around, the wide grin back, “Better. Now, where were we? Ah, yes, introductions! I am known as the Blood Lion’s King, the Puppet Master, I have many names honestly. Yes, I know, I know, I’ve heard all the jokes before. I know you've never heard of me either. See, I have this nasty habit of leaving no one alive. Serious problem, I assure you. But I can't help it.”

Vilron could see Gesil from the corner of his eye preparing to attack.

“None of that.” The man waved his hand, Gesil’s eyes went wide, his body unnaturally still. “Drop it.” The rock he had ready fell to the ground. “Now sit and do not interrupt me again.” Gesil fell to the ground hard. The way his teeth grit it must have hurt. Vilron could feel the fear crawling through his body.

“Hate being interrupted. Where was I? Never leave survivors? Something like that,” the man spoke as if nothing happened.

“The hell did ya do to him!” Lomel shouted running forward ready to send a punch of fire at the man but he stopped. He was suddenly unable to move and in the air.

“Did I not just say I hate being interrupted? Can you all just not understand me?” Lomel continued to be lifted into the air. “You’re a large one. Well, my pets need a snack, you’ll do.” He waved his hand and Lomel went flying landing in front of the other ship. There was a pained scream then nothing. “Tiger Sharks. They keep my boat moving when I want them to. Oh, I see you’re confused. Well, see I learned to control creatures when I was young, a little beast master. Course it was because of something all living things have in common. Can you guess what that is? Anyone?”

Everyone was horrified, almost confused at the loss of Lomel. They all seemed to be wondering if this was a nightmare.

“No? Really? No guesses. Well, you’re all boring.”

“You… you killed him… you.” Tala looked at the man, “You’re a monster.”

“I’m not a fan of that word. I prefer puppet master, and you’re all my puppets. The entire world is really.”

“I’ll kill you myself.” Tala growled out, she drew her sword and with the air behind her she jumped toward the man. He stepped out of the way smoothly dodging. “All of you attack! For Lomel!”

“Oh, what fun.” The man continued to grin. “Your heard her my crew, fight. All of you fight for my enjoyment, or else you know what happens.”

His crew that had seemed off, strange in their own right seemed to become afraid at that and each prepared to fight.

“You heard the captain!” Ruoshin’s voice echoed across the deck. He picked up the anchor and swing it into the enemy ship, breaking through the side. “Go and fight!”

The fight erupted at once. The crew found their way over to start fight. Tala focused on the enemy Captain but the others fought the crew. Rakim was fighting though Tikota was aiding him and watching his back. The twins were doing their best to work together knocking others into the water. Vilron was the last over, he was soon met by one of the water benders. “I am sorry for this,” the water bender stated, “really I am. But you don't understand.”


“Now, now, don’t say that!” The enemy Captain shouted. “I said fight!” Suddenly the water bender went stiff, eyes wide, he moved unnaturally.

“We can't fight. He’s strong… our blood. Can’t resist. Sorry.” The words barely escaped the man as he started to swing at Vilron.

Blood? He was bending blood? That was impossible.

“Spoiling the surprise? Not a good move, now come on get into it,” the enemy captain practically laughed as he continued to dodge Tala. Not only was he bending blood but it was effortless for him.

“What kind of psycho are you?” Vilron shouted not wanting to hurt the man who had no control. Suddenly his body stopped responding. It hurt, he had no control.

“That wasn’t very nice. Why don’t you wait in the corner.” Vilron was suddenly being moved away from the fight. The water bender looked relieved as he was freed. “Tie the boy up for now.” The water bender obeyed. “Now, let’s finish this. First you. Go there at least for now.” Tala suddenly was stopped in the air and thrown against the door that led below deck. “Good. And you two, over there.” The twins were stopped and tossed beside Vilron, they were stunned, it looked like there were having trouble breathing. One of the enemy sailors tied them up, likely good measure.

“You, I want the anchor out of my ship go put it back.” He made Ruoshin walk, in a way that looked painful, to the edge of the ship. Made him go back over and pull the anchor back. “And do a few turns with it.” Vilron could do nothing as he watch Ruoshin turn in place holding the anchor, the chain wrapping around him.

Tikota had moved behind the man and went to leap at him but was stopped. “Look, when you play with blood so long you can tell when it gets closer to you.” The man lifted Tikota off the ground. “Not a bender, what to do with you… what to do what to do.”

“Leave her alone!” Rakim ran at the man, getting one shot in which made the man laugh.

“Cute, not bad. I’d say if I had a use for a weak fire bending on my ship I’d keep you. Might have even let you keep a non bender as a pet if you behaved. But, you’re not useful to me. So, I think I’ll just have to kill you two together. Rope!” Again they were tied up. “Go attach them to the head.” The two were dragged off. Vilron could see them struggling once free of the blood bending. He saw Rakim barely get a hand loose enough to grab Tikota’s briefly.

“Now that leaves the brace earth bender over there. He can go to the brig until we need to feed the serpent.” The man looked at Tala. “As for her. The captain.” He lifted her into the air again. “A Captain goes down with the ship.” He moved her over to the Water Jackalope and then slammed her down with such force that she was likely injured and knocked out. “And for good measure.” This time he moved his hands to pull Ruoshin over to Tala and forced him to lay over her with the chain and anchor wrapped around him. “That’ll do it. Sink the ship.”

“No!” Vilron shouted. There was a blast from below deck, holes broke through the Water Jackalope, the ship began to go down.

“Fare Thee Well.” The man stated looking serious before bursting out into laughter. “Oh that’s good. Now, you three.” He turned his attention to the twins “I can always use more water benders to make my steam what do you say?”

Hilaka took a few deep breaths before she spat at him.

The man sighed. “So be it, I’ll ask you again in a month. Until then your bodies will still work for me. And if you still don’t my beasts need to eat. Take them below deck.” He waved his hand and the twins were dragged off. “Now you…” He lifted Vilron up to his eye level. “The closest dry land is that way.” He pointed. “If you live you tell everyone that this sea belongs to the one true puppet master, the Blood Lion King. You understand?” He cut the rope off, “Remember it, and good luck.” He dropped Vilron over the side of the ship.

Vilron landed in the cold water, among the planks of wood and remains of the Water Jackalope. He grabbed onto one of the large pieces, coughing. A few moments later he heard water splashing and panicked squeaks. He looked around and saw Reed desperately trying to stay above water. He paddled over and lifted the Jackalope onto the wood. “It’ll be okay Reed.”

He looked back over towards the ship. He could see Rakim and Tikota handing from the mouth of the carved bow of the ship, being lowered down towards the water, between the chains which were likely attached to the tiger sharks that pulled the ship. Vilron looked away. He couldn't save them. By the time he even made it close enough it would be too late, the ship was already pulling away, the steam starting again to hide it. Vilron started to paddle hoping he could find safety, another ship, another island. Something.

Reed huddled in a ball, shivering and afraid. “It’ll be okay.” He whispered. He remember the nights on the ship, looking at the stars, the soft singing from below deck.

“As the waves take the boat from the shores of the land
Don't worry yourself as I leave now your hand
And my brother, my brother don’t you worry for me
For I’ll come home safe soon from my time on the sea.”

“It’ll be okay…”
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Blood Water - Avatar Bender Short Story
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