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 Short Story: The Naming of Sir Nugget Arthurt III

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PostSubject: Short Story: The Naming of Sir Nugget Arthurt III   Mon Aug 07, 2017 6:39 pm

((Please stop limiting me to 1000 words, I don't like it, I don't like it at all. I worked for about forty-five minutes to trim this down by about 200 words. Also....I have no idea how this came into being. I started with an idea about Nugget getting knighted and 1000 words of either complete trash or complete awesomeness was born. I'll let you be the judge of which it is. Also, Lex, I'm sorry, I couldn't think of a court role for you...but you're still in it. Oh, God, you'll see. Why, why do I do this? By the way, I deeply apologize for all the spaces. I forgot there aren't indents on the forums and it looked too weird without something between paragraphs. I might come back and edit the formatting, we'll see.))

The Naming of Sir Nugget Arthurt the III

Nugget the hamster smiled as he finally arrived back at the palace. He’d done it! After six months, he had finally figured out how to slay the Dragon of the West! All it had taken was a little quick thinking, and with one thrust of his trusty rapier, he had ended the terrible beast! Now he could finally be knighted! With the title of Sir, he would at long last be counted as worthy among the ranks of humans!

For in this world, you see, animals can talk. Oh, yes, don’t you disbelieve it! However, for the humans of the royal court to count these talking animals as worthy of being among them, each animal must complete a great deed and be knighted. Only then will he be able to gain the respect of humans.

Nugget looked up at the sky. Had he just heard...someone narrating? No, that couldn’t possibly be right. It must just be his imagination.

…Yes. That’s right. Just your imagination.

Now that Nugget had completed his great deed- which had been personally assigned to him by Queen Kemi, the mighty ruler of Soupia- he could present himself before the queen to be knighted!

As Nugget made his way through the palace, all manner of folk- talking animals and court humans alike- began to gather ‘round.  

Nugget finally arrived in the throne room. The doors opened before him. There was the queen, sitting tall on her throne. Her co-ruler, the great Kobi, sat at her right hand. Her advisor, Sherlock, was on her left. Before these three, Nugget would be knighted!

“My Queen!” he announced. “I have slain the dragon!” The audience duly gasped in awe. “I have come to be knighted,” he finished, dropping to one knee.

“We knew you could do it, Nugget!” the queen said. She stood, Sherlock handing her a small sword with which to knight the young hamster. She stepped down from her dais.

“Nugget, I hereby-”

“Wait!” Kobi exclaimed. Nugget jerked his head up. What? Kobi was objecting to his knighting? “I apologize,” the co-ruler continued, “but no human or animal may be knighted without a surname.” A…surname? Why, Nugget didn’t have a surname! He was a hamster!

A shadowed form stepped forward. It was the discreet, cool-mannered court mage, Mydnight. (Despite Mydnight’s reticent personality, however, she was rumored to be in a relationship with two others, Galaxy the shadow queen and Lex the…well, Lex didn’t really have a role. At least, not as far as anyone knew. She was outgoing, though. Quite different from the quiet, reserved Mydnight and the evil mastermind Galaxy. How scandalous.)

“What if,” Mydnight suggested, “he gives himself a surname? Would that work, Lawkeeper?” Everyone in the room looked to Cyril the Lawkeeper.

“Indeed. The name must not be chosen lightly, however. It is a matter of grave importance.” Mydnight nodded in agreement.

“Then we’ll choose a name for little Nugget,” she said, sinking into a contemplative silence to consider various names that might suit the hamster.

“Think about it,” Queen Kemi suggested. “Tell me tomorrow morning, and then we can knight you!” Nugget nodded slowly. He glanced out a window. It was getting late.

The hamster retreated to his rooms upstairs. This was not how he’d imagined this day going. Nugget prepared himself for bed, but he stayed awake through most of the night, trying to think of a name that suited him.

The next morning, Nugget still hadn’t thought of a name. Even so, it seemed that someone else had. Under his door there was a slip of paper with many options written on it. He dressed and took it downstairs with him to the throne room, reading aloud from the list. As before, people began gathering around him, eager to see if he would be knighted this morning.

“Cirrus, Ace, Caesar,” Nugget muttered. It seemed Mydnight had stayed up all night researching. Then he paused. By now he was in the middle of the throne room, and everyone’s attention was on him. “Arthurt?” he read aloud. What on earth did that mean?

Everyone around began muttering in confusion, having overheard him. Rumi, one of the court painters, giggled. “My art hurts?” she suggested. “That is exactly me when I draw.”

“Arthurt!” someone exclaimed.

“Yes, let’s name him Arthurt!”

The queen looked around. “I rather liked Ace, or Max,” she murmured.

“Arthurt, Arthurt, Arthurt. That is all.” That was the voice of the shadow queen, Galaxy. Beneath her hood, Mydnight rolled her eyes at Galaxy’s antics.

Nugget smiled. He rather liked this name! Regal, yet not clichéd at all! “My surname will be Arthurt!” he announced. The crowd cheered.

“Sir Nugget Arthurt the III,” Cyril the Lawmaker suggested, “to give it some heritage.” Oh, yes, that was even better! Queen Kemi clapped in delight, and her co-ruler Kobi smiled widely.

“Sir Nugget Arthurt the III it is!” the queen said. Once again, she took up the sword. Nugget dropped to one knee. Everyone looked on eagerly. The queen laid the sword over Nugget’s shoulder.

“Nugget the Hamster, we now proclaim you Sir Nugget Arthurt the III, knight of Soupia! And for your bravery in slaying the Dragon of the West, we declare you to be the Head Knight of all our armies and mascot of our royal court!” She crossed the blade over to his other shoulder, and in that moment, Nugget became a knight! He stood up and bowed to his queen and her co-ruler and advisor.

“I swear to protect and uphold Soupia and its reputation until the day I can no longer do so,” he vowed. The large crowd broke out into loud cheers. Galaxy, Lex, Kobi, and Queen Kemi gathered around Sir Nugget, all differences in rank forgotten as they celebrated loudly.

In the shadows, the cloaked mage watched them. “It really was just a mistake,” she muttered to herself. “I didn’t mean to write Arthurt. It was supposed to Arthur…Oh, well.” And she stepped forward to join the celebration.
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PostSubject: Re: Short Story: The Naming of Sir Nugget Arthurt III   Tue Aug 08, 2017 2:42 pm

Oh my gosh this is a beautiful work of art! Laughing I love how you based it off the chatbox conversation when we decided Nugget was going to be our mascot!


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PostSubject: Re: Short Story: The Naming of Sir Nugget Arthurt III   Tue Aug 08, 2017 5:47 pm

I mean, our chat was WAY too funny to NOT include it. It's basically our chat in an Arthurian court setting. In some weird universe where animals can talk and apparently need to be knighted to be accepted by humans....I did way too much worldbuilding for this tiny thing :/

But anyway, thank you!
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PostSubject: Re: Short Story: The Naming of Sir Nugget Arthurt III   

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Short Story: The Naming of Sir Nugget Arthurt III
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