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 Story Challenge: Arthurt III's Surname

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PostSubject: Story Challenge: Arthurt III's Surname   Tue Aug 08, 2017 6:10 pm

(Ok so originally I was going to go with a theme of knights, but I don't want two stories about that soooo.... Let's hope for the best and see if I can pull anything creative out of this brain. Also Kemi and Kobiee I named the town after you guys.. well kinda. I mixed the names together XD I also had to throw in the name Piglex. I don't really know who the sorceress is, but oh well. I hope you all enjoy.) Word count: 912 words

There once was a peaceful town called Kemobiee. This town was very small, only having thirty seven families in total.The town was very welcoming and kind. The mayor, Piglex, was very kind and loved to watch the town grow. To her delight, one family had just welcomed a new arrival.

A family of seven hamsters had just received their newest member from the storks. The family was so happy. The mum and dad were so glad to finally had a second son. Though, to be fair this wasn’t the fault of the storks. The parents would simply fill out the form as “surprise me.” This definitely made the job hard on the storks, but the parents never complained when they got girls instead of a boy. A surprise was always fun.

Now came the happy moment of receiving the baby: naming him. There was a problem with this, however. No one could agree on a name. The mum wanted something original like Lukkan, while the father wanted something basic like Thomas. The parents asked each of the girls and the son, but non could agree on a name either. The oldest, Rodney, had liked the name Joe. The next in line liked the name Quintin, while the others preferred Dill, Bob, and Norman. The family was all in an uproar on what to name the new baby boy.

The family decided to get help on what to name him by taking a poll. All the families of Kemobiee would get to pick a name. Throughout the day, people would come to the house of the hamsters to write down a name. At the end of the day, they still hadn’t decided on a name. Every single member of the town had put down something different, even the little children who were not old enough to write. The town would be of no assistance. Getting rid of the poll, the family sought other help.

As if answering their plea, a travelling sorceress wandered through the town. The family thought it destiny. Running to the sorceress, the mum and dad bent on one knee begging for wisdom. The sorceress listened to their qualms before commanding the two hamsters to stand.

“Where are your other children?” she inquired. No one knew how she had knowledge of the children.

Quietly, the children waddled through the whispering crowd. The children lined up next to their parents. The sorceress shook her head, pointing between the mum and dad. Glancing at one another, they lined up in between the two like directed.

“Now, I want you all to list off your names. First the mother, then the oldest, continuing down the line to the father.” the mysterious woman gestured with her hands as she spoke. “Step up when it is your turn to speak.”

Nervously, the mother walked forward, holding her newborn son, “Amelia.”  

“Rodney.” They all began to list off their names. “Taryn. Heather. Ulla. Rachel.”

The father stepped forward, the last to speak his name, “Theo.”

The sorceress nodded in approval, “Now, this means that your names spell a name. What is this name?”

“A, r, t, h, u, r, and t…. Why that spells Arthur!” The dad spoke up, the children nodding in agreement.

“Wait, what about the extra letter? The t?” The mother spoke quietly.

The sorceress gave one small nod. “She is correct. You have forgotten a letter. His name will be Arthurt.”

“Arthurt? Why that’s the most absurd name ever! I simply will not allow my son to be named Arthurt!” The father exclaimed, getting riled up.

“I like the name, dad.” The oldest spoke up. The other children began to nod their heads. It seemed there was finally an agreement.

“Theo, darling,” the mum walked to her husband, “It is close to Arthur, but is still original. We have a happy medium. Shouldn’t we celebrate?”

The dad thought for a moment. He hadn’t thought of that. He nodded his head, liking the idea. He gently held his son and smiled, “His name will be Arthurt.”

“Just Arthurt? I thought that he is the third male in this family, if I am not mistaken?” The sorceress butt in before the family could announce the name to the crowd.

“H-how did you-” The father began, looking puzzled. The family had named their first son Rodney II.

“Ah ah, a woman never tells her secrets,” she winked at the mother with a smile. “Now, will you give him that title? Yes, or no?”

“We will” the parents spoke at once. “Arthurt III!” They shouted to the crowd.

Everyone took a moment to process the name. “Did they say Arthur? No I believe it was Arthurt. Arthurt?” After a moment, people began to nod in approval. Suddenly, the crowd broke out in clapping and shouting. It appeared for the first time that day, the town was in agreement. The family were grateful that the sorceress had appeared when she had. The whole town would still be in an uproar to this day if not for her. Years had passed, and Arthurt III grew into a very respectable young man. He always sought to do good and protect those in need. The mum and dad had finally agreed to check the “Name my baby for me” box on the baby applications. The storks never got it easy though. Thirteen children later and the parents still refused to choose a specific gender. They must really love surprises.
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PostSubject: Re: Story Challenge: Arthurt III's Surname   Thu Aug 10, 2017 4:48 pm


Excellent entry, Lex! Hamster


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Story Challenge: Arthurt III's Surname
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