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 Among the Shadows

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PostSubject: Among the Shadows   Among the Shadows EmptyFri Sep 15, 2017 12:25 am

Whelp I guess since we already discussed some of the rp, I
will just kinda re write it here for anyone who wants
to watch our story develop/ for our own memory XD

The story is set in a medieval time with the two main characters being a sultry thief ♀ and an focused assassin ♂

There is magic (Myd knows more about it than me though XD) to add a nice twist!
(will be down below to help me when I am confused)

The amulet is very powerful and a lot of people are trying to find it.

Among the Shadows 263171lxlble1hnk
A thief has stolen amulet from a nobleman. Enraged, the nobleman hires
an assassin to hunt down and kill the thief. The assassin eventually finds
the thief and confronts/attempts to kill her, only to discover she herself
had lost the amulet that once belonged to her. Sparing her life, the assassin
and thief hunt down the nobleman.

Plot for later:
Alessis and Kilaun travel to Volsuet to talk to a mage. The mage tells them
about the amulet's powers when combined, and that they are needed for
an important task. (not giving away too much detail)
Among the Shadows 263171lxlble1hnk

Quote :
The Talent is what magic is most commonly called in Ramilyn. A Talented individual must have three different components to be able to express their Talent outwardly. The first is a well of magic inside them. This is the reserve that stores the power that can be directed as the user wishes. The second component is the ability to refill one's magical reserves when they empty - if one doesn't possess this, then they can use magic only once or twice throughout their lives. A person with the ability to replenish their reserves usually does so by absorbing sunlight or light from other sources through their eyes or skin. The final component is a conduit allowing the use of one's magic power however they desire. It translates the raw magic of the user’s reserves into power or action. This conduit can be small or blocked, limiting the maximum amount of magic one can use at a single time.

The Talent (magic in general, that is) is universal, but how each people group approaches the Talent can be vastly different. For example, on the island kingdom of Volsuet, you would go to one of the many schools of magic and learn to be a mage. In the cold mountains of Liades, you would be considered an invincible warrior in your clan and one day leader of that clan, subservient only to the king. In the south, well, you’d be in the ocean. It isn’t that magic itself is different in each land; it's simply that various cultural aspects and historical events have shaped the land's use of the Talent, until each land has their own name for it and uses of it. This makes it seem like there are different magics for every country, but in reality, that is not the case. The world is divided, but the Talent is one.  

In addition, the Talent differs from person to person, and each user has the capacity to do different things with it. Some learn destructive magic, some use glamours, some are excellent at illusions, and others are great healers; the list is virtually endless.

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PostSubject: Worldbuilding   Among the Shadows EmptyFri Sep 15, 2017 1:09 pm

(If this seems like something we shouldn't do lemme know Myd!)

The Kingdom: The land is known as Ramilyn. The large kingdom is ruled by king Maurice Reid and queen Monica Reid. It is a very peaceful land, as the king is a very kind ruler. Of course there are the different ranks of hierarchy. At the bottom are the peasants, or the tradesmen (blacksmiths, tailors, farmers, etc.) Then we have the clergy (religious figures), the knights, the nobles, and on top the king.

To the North: In the very North there is a large mountain range known as Gemdale. The mountains are laced with underground mines that have long since been used. These dangerous tunnels help for passing through the mountains at a much faster pace, assuming you can live to the the light at the other side.

Towns and Cities (North): Mellec, Cilka, and Pwent are located in the north. The north holds many trades of smiths and rare gems due to the mountains.

To the West:To the west is a large forest known as Feyburgh. Thieves and rogues live within the forest. There are many paths to take, but the safest (and longest) is known as the Dannec Trail. There are other smaller, less traveled trails, but just be prepared to lose anything of value.

Towns and Cities (West): Alleac, Yvonn, and Sibel are located to the far west of the forest. These towns are known for very elaborate and rare trades, as they are located near the Ahon Ocean. To the east (and almost center of the kingdom) are the cities Yarwick, Dunstoke, and Jolyn. These cities are along the outskirts of the kingdom and tend to be more rural for farming, but also have a nice supply of traders traveling through.

To the East: To the east are the many different forts to protect the land from the lands next door. Young men and women are sent to the east to train and learn in Fort Grahnt. This fort is most known for manufacturing the most disciplined soldiers, and the king will only accept the best knights from this fort.

Town and Cities (East): (To be honest I never came up for names for the east :/ They are mostly just like forts and academies for training special trades and magic [shrugs])

To the South:To the south is the calm and vast ocean known as Payam. The towns are home to local fishermen and traders. Many adventurers travel to the south.

Towns and Cities (South): The ports of Cliiv, Lau, and Cossetta are very calm and peaceful cities that have prospered very well. These towns are ideal for the working class, and noblemen often come to enjoy the view.

Other Countries: To the North is the land Emoya, a land dotted with tribes of natives thriving in the dry, grassy land. To the West is the land Ite, across the ocean. This land is very rich and prides itself in elegant goods to trade. To the East is the aggressive, arid lands of Liades. The king of these lands is always searching to gain power in the cold land. To the South is a island known as Volsuet. This island is known for it's beauty and isolated nature. The native sailors are very welcoming, but it is a rare occurrence for outsiders to be invited to the castle. Volsuet is very well known for it's mage schools.

*NOTE:* the towns listed are not the only towns we are limited to, these are just well known towns/cities!

The map (which I can't find a good image to use for what I am describing, so I'll probs have to draw it) should look like this:
- The north has a mountain range preventing enemies from coming.
- The west has an ocean and a forest (though the forest more towards
the center/west if you get what I'm saying).
- The center is the castle and small outskirts and towns and such.
- The east is connected by land and is protected by forts and defenses.
- The south is another ocean and is very laid back, as the ocean is very vast.
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PostSubject: Re: Among the Shadows   Among the Shadows EmptyWed Sep 20, 2017 10:14 pm

'Verse: Original
Date: 9-18-2017

Full Name: Alessis Jae Montgomery
Pronunciation: A- less- sis
Nickname/Alias: Lessia, Less
Meaning: Alessis is defined as beautiful, charming, or defender
Origin: In the name Alexis we just changed the 'x' to a double 's'.
Title: Ms.

Gender: Female
Gender Role: Feminine
Orientation: Straight
Real Age: Twenty- four (24)
Birthplace: Alessis was born in the city Mellec, in the land of Ramilyn.

Parenting: Both parents were very loving and involved in Alessis' life growing up.
Upbringing: Alessis was raised believing she should take care of her family, no matter the cost. She was also taught to listen to her heart.
Childhood: [0-12] Less was born into a very simple house. Her mother and father loved her dearly and would do anything to give her what she needed. Her father worked as a blacksmith and her mother was a housewife. They lived a calm life, until Valleric was born. Less was just shy of twelve years old when her younger brother was brought into the world. Valleric's birth threw the family into poverty.
Adolescence: [13-17] Shortly after Less had made it to fourteen years of age, her mother had grown ill. Less took over the role of mother to her brother (two years old) and tried to help her father out in any way possible. Eventually, Less had grown used to begging for money on the streets. Her family was living with the bare minimum, and it was costly for them to find the coin for a doctor. Her mother had grown worse, and in desperate measures she decided to go in to thievery. At first it had been something small, like a coin purse or easy jewelry. She could manage getting enough money to pay for a doctor. When Less was sixteen she was very mature looking, she eventually decided to take that to her advantage (basically she began hoeing around).
Adulthood: [18+] Less had become a professional thief by the time she was nineteen. The following winter, her mother had passed away. Her father, stricken with grief, spent most his days pounding on the anvil. He drowned himself in work to cope with his grief. Valleric, at the age of ten (making Less 22, because I can't math apparently haha) had decided he wanted to travel to Fort Grahnt in hopes to become a knight. That was the last time Less ever saw her family. She traveled on her own, hopping from inn to inn. She had become a very graceful thief, her looks aiding her numerous times. Less had bumped into a guild of thieves by happenstance. Well actually, she had managed to steal from a member of the guild. Being confronted, she was praised for her skill. She was offered to join their ranks. Less eventually agreed to join them, making a nice living. After something of value was stolen from her, she went on the quest to hunt it down.

Facial Type: Heart
Eye Color: Green with amber flecks
Hair Color:Walnut (brown with red undertone)
Hairstyle: Long, wavy, kept out of the face, braided on occasion.
Skin Tone: Gently Sun-kissed (Light tan)
Complexion: Clear complexion with a hint of freckles.
Makeup: Long lashes, very subtle touches of dark around the eye (smokey eye), red lips on occassion (Mainly when she is seducing someone in an inn)
Body Type: Mesomorph, but not having super defined muscles (so half mesomorph and ectomorph?)
Build: Lithe frame, long legs, average torso and arms
Height: 68.5 in (5' 8.5")
Weight: 129 lbs
Birthmarks/scars: A small beauty mark below her left eye.

Style: Alessis tends to have a very simple style, wearing tighter fitting garments. She prefers darker colors such as burgundy, black, brown, or charcoal. She wears a very simplistic set of dark leather armor while on the road. She will often times wear a hooded cape to cover her face while traveling on the road. Her boots, resting at about mid- calf, are very simplistic and make it easy to conceal weapons.
Mode of Dress: Alessis is very specific about making her outfits match or compliment her body.
Grooming: Alessis is well kept, preferring to keep well cleansed and put together, despite the amount of traveling she does.
Posture: She tends to hold herself in a very confident manner.
Coordination: Alessis has great hand-eye coordination, as well as flexibility. She tends to have quick reflexes.
Habits and Mannerisms: When nervous, Less will rub the toe of her boot into the ground. Less will also bite her lip when focusing or embarrassed.
Scent: Less has the natural scent of a Lilliac (Basically just the smell of lilac), and it is more prominent when she plays with her hair.

Attitude:  Lessia can be quite blunt, but she tries to keep a somewhat optimistic outlook (she isn't by any means a super super happy person, but she tries to be hopeful). She doesn't hide what she is thinking when directly asked, giving a straight answer. When it comes to men, she can be very flirty, while with women she prefers to end the conversation as soon as possible.
Expressiveness: Lessia tends to speak what she is feeling. If the topic is of great importance, she will mull it over in her brain before vocalizing her thoughts.
When Happy: Lessia tends to leave a small smirk or even a full on smile on her face when happy.
When Depressed: When upset, Lessia will talk less than normal or wander off into thought.
When Angry: When angry, Less has to get rid of that tension somehow. She prefers shooting her bow or finding things to busy herself.

Current Residence: Less tends to spend her nights in and out of inns.
Friends: Less tends to spend time with upbeat people.
Enemies: Anyone who steals from her is an enemy. Less also avoids pessimistic people.
Bosses: Less is often sent on her journeys by the guild leader.

Equipment: Less carries around a bow and quiver. She also has two small daggers she hides in her boots.
Accessories: Alessis has her ears pierced and likes to wear an arm guard on her left arm (to protect herself from the bow string scraping her skin).
Funds: Alessis tends to keep a fair amount of money in her pocket. Usually enough to get her through long trips before she heads back to the guild.
Prized Possession: Lessia has an amulet she keeps with her at all times. It is both a family heirloom and the last gift he received from her mother.

Marital Status: The true question is if Less will ever find love. (Available)
Sex Life: Less is known to sleep with a guy or two in order to gain a few extra coins.
Virginity: Less has 'done the deed' too many times to count.

Wealth Status: Less is in the lower class, but it would be easy for her to work her way up in ranks. IF she wanted that is.
Experience: Less is very skilled in her line of work, as it is the only 'job' she has every had.
Organizations/Affiliations: Less is on good terms with a band of thieves, though she doesn't always tend to stay within the borders of the camp. (she runs around a lot)

Morals: Less isn't above stealing, but where she draws the line is she will not steal from children or ill families. Less also dislikes the idea of killing people, but will do so if her life is in danger.
Crime Record: Less has never been caught for stealing and no one has suspicions about her, but she still tries to stay away from the authorities.
Motivation: Less has only a small handful of motivations. Hunting down what was once stolen from her, living a life where she has freedom, and hopes to adventure the world are her only motivations.
Etiquette: Less has a very different way of talking to someone depending on her relationship with that person. She could honey up words to make her sound like the sweetest woman alive, or she could be blunt with you. She has nice manners and will show proper etiquette, with strangers or friends/enemies alike.

Main Goal: Alessis has lost her amulet and will find it at all costs.
Minor Goals/Ambitions: Alessis hopes to see her father and brother again, if they are still around that is.
Career: Alessis is happy with the career she has now.
Desires: Alessis is always alone in life. She secretly wishes she could find a companion, whether it a friend or lover.
Wishlist: Alessis is hoping to find a more elegant bow, as well as some nice leather armor.
Greatest Achievement: Alessis' greatest achievement is helping her brother survive his childhood and giving him the love he needed.
Biggest Failure: Less has prided her self on thievery, and to lose something so precious to her is something she is ashamed of.
Secrets: Less may seem straightforward and to the point, but sometimes she worries that what she says may push people away from her. Less also doesn't tell many people about her family or past life.
Regrets: Less regrets not spending more time comforting her father, or helping her mother more. She had always been so focused on her brother and keeping him alive.
Worries: Less is worried that once she gets close to another person, they will leave her again. This has made her keep a wall up.
Best Memories: Less would sometimes spoil her brother by taking him to town and spending the entire day running around having fun at the festivals.
Worst Memories: When her mother was ill and the doctor said that there was no improvement, Less would feel like she was drowning.

Sense of Humor: Less will sometimes have an airy sense of humor (lighthearted), but she mostly sticks with sarcastic or flirty as her go to humor.
Pet Peeves: Less cannot stand when someone is messy or sloppy.
Dreams/Nightmares: Less rarely has dreams, but every once in a while she will get a dream she is with her family again.
Quirks: Less tends to look at the ground in front of her when she walks. She always sits with her legs crossed, and she will sometimes wiggle her foot. She has to constantly be moving.

Strengths: Less is skilled at reading body language.
Flaws: Less tends to speak what she feels, which can lead to her saying too much or hurting a person's feelings.
Perception: Less thinks the people of this world are truly only after money or social rank. It is never about being happy with oneself.
Instincts: Alessis often keep she guard up, so she may be prone to being defensive when asked personal questions.
Lures: Less is always driven to adventures. She loves to travel and explore new things.
Soft Spot: Less tends to have a soft spot for children in need (poor children), or for someone with genuine feelings.
Cruel Streak: When someone fools her (steals from her, lies to her, uses her).

Powers: She is Talented, though not fully skilled.
Ability: Less is able to cast a glamour (way of making people like her more), a natural skill that seems like second nature to her. Less also knows a small amount of healing, but she is only able to heal minor cuts (no more than an inch deep) and fractures.
Restrictions: Less is not a fully developed mage, and can only use her glamour for a limited amount of time. When healing, it takes her a while to heal an injury fully.

Languages: Less only knows one language, and would have a hard time learning others.
Accent: Less has a northern-Ramilyn accent. She speaks with the middle of her mouth and often shortens the ends of her words, but still having full pronunciation. (Ex: 'and' is pronounce with a long vowel, but the d is not given full diction though it is still heard) ((idk just kinda having her speak the way I do?))
Voice: Less' voice is a rather medium pitch. Her voice is rather soft and smooth as well.
Laughter: Less has a very lighthearted and soft laugh.

Reputation: Most people don't even notice Less. She seems almost invisible, until she puts her charm on that is.
First Impressions: Most people would assume she was very mischievous and flirty.  
Self-Impression: Often times Less thinks of herself as selfish, but stealing is the only way for her to make a living. She doesn't like how trusting she has to pretend to be to get close to people.

Ego/Superego/Id: Less is more driving towards her Id, rather than Superego. She could care less about what others think and uses her instincts as influence instead.
Alignment: Less wouldn't be considered Evil, but she does fall into that category of people.
Vice: Lust is Less' greatest downfalls.
Virtue: Diligence is Less's greatest quality. If she wants something done, she will work until it is accomplished.
Tropes: She is one of those girls you know is only talking to a guy for her own benefits.
One Word: Mischievous

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PostSubject: Re: Among the Shadows   Among the Shadows EmptyWed Sep 20, 2017 10:15 pm

‘Verse: Myd and Lex 1x1 RP (we seriously need a better name for this.)
Character Creation Date: 9/16/2017
Terminology (which I may use in this form or later on in the rp):
Messy job: a job that’s gotten messy is an assassination job in which he was discovered by someone (or multiple people) and had to kill them even though they were innocent and not his original target; an especially messy job would probably involve children getting killed or things literally getting messy (as in, blood-and-guts messy) because his target or others had a chance to fight back before he could make a clean kill.
Sloppy work: a job during which evidence was left behind. It is best if every death is a mystery, but on jobs where the target’s cause of death is obviously assassination (or worse, where the kill can be linked to Kilaun himself), he’s done sloppy work. (This has not happened in very long time.)

Full Name: Kilaun Vivek
Pronunciation: Kai-lahn Vi-veck (the ‘vi’ is pronounced the same as it is in Vicky)
Nickname: Kiley (only Less calls him this)
Alias: Durzan Fireheart is Kilaun’s public alias and disguise. He becomes Durzan whenever he needs to go out and take care of normal (read: legal) dealings and business. His real name and face are associated with his assassin persona (although even the name Kilaun may not be his original name. He has changed names and identities many times throughout his life; no one knows his birth name but himself).
Meaning: Inuit word translating to a shaman’s divining object that is used to foretell life and death
Origin: Inuit first name, surname is made up
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Age: 25

Birthplace: A foreign country called Cenara. He was born in the capital city there.
Immediate Family: Reun and Sirza Vivek (parents, both deceased)
Distant Family: Unknown
Infancy: [0-2] Kilaun was born to two loving parents in a foreign country quite a ways away from the kingdom of Ramilyn. He had no siblings. His father was the commander of the army, so they were well-off and happy.
Childhood: [3-12] Kilaun had a happy early childhood, but when Kilaun was still young, war broke out between Cenara and a bordering kingdom. His father was sent to the front lines and killed in action shortly after. He had only just begun teaching Kilaun to fight so he could join the army when he was older and follow in his father’s footsteps. Kilaun’s mother received a monthly widow’s allowance from the royal treasury, but it wasn’t enough. Kilaun began to work and picked up different odd jobs. His mother also worked- overworked, in fact.  With her weakened constitution, she died of an illness two years after Kilaun’s father was killed. Kilaun, however, was not turned loose on the streets as many would expect. The king and queen, who were without an heir, took Kilaun under their wing and began grooming him to be a prince in case they never had a child. At the same time, they had the new army commander train Kilaun to be a steadfast guardian and protector, skilled in killing and fighting and uncovering plots of rebellion (in case they did have a son or daughter, to whom Kilaun would then be assigned to protect.) Kilaun would have been fine with either outcome, though he would have preferred not to have the responsibilities of ruling on his shoulders, if he was being honest.
Adolescence: [13-17] Kilaun had some interesting teenage years. Training was pretty much all he knew, be it learning to fight or learning proper court etiquette. For years, he practiced nearly all day. During his small amount of free time, he read novels. On his fifteenth birthday, however, several of the captains in the royal guard staged a coup; they had been bribed by agents of the country that Cenara was still at war with. The captains and their squadrons stormed the dining hall, interrupting the birthday celebration feast of the potential crown prince. Kilaun fought with the handful of guards who remained loyal, but the queen and king urged him to get away. Kilaun gave in to their wishes and did so, even though he had been raised to fight. Before he left, he promised the king (who was something like a best friend as well as a father figure to Kilaun) that he would stay alive and always protect his loved ones to the best of his ability. Kilaun assumes that the queen and king died during the coup, but he is unsure. He left the country soon after, going incognito in case the ones who staged the coup (or agents of Cenara’s enemy) came after him. He traveled around various countries for several years, picking up mercenary work since the only trade he knew was fighting.
Adulthood: [18+] Kilaun continued to travel, and his skills in fighting grew. As he was unable to afford good quality weapons, he often had to go with whatever he could pick up for a good price, leading to him developing skills with all sorts of different weapons. Believing that his loved ones had died because he hadn’t been good enough to protect them, he trained relentlessly. He became the perfect killer. Along the way, mercenary work turned into assassination contracts. He began by only taking contracts to kill corrupt nobles in power or people who started rebellions to gain power; in other words, he only took contracts that would allow him save many by killing a few. Then his morals gradually started to slide. Given the emptiness of his own life, he began to tell himself that all life was meaningless and that when he took a life, he was taking nothing of value. With this ingrained in his mind, he began taking whatever contracts came to him. He settled in Ramilyn some time ago, purchasing several safe houses in the capital city. He quickly built up a reputation for himself as the best assassin in the city.  He probably won’t stay long, but for now he has a life there.
Evolution: Kilaun has become much more cynical and cold throughout his life. It started when he was made to do nothing but train for most of his teenaged years, but it rapidly sped up when he started killing for a living.

Preferred Hand: Ambidextrous
Facial Features: Kilaun is sharp-featured. He has high cheekbones, somewhat narrow eyes, and a sharp jawline.
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Bluish-black (a natural black hair color that has a blue hue under certain lighting).
Hairstyle: Somewhat long hair (about chin-length); he usually keeps it pushed back or tied up.
Skin Tone: Fairly pale
Build: Tall and rather lean (almost lanky), but with the kind of work he does, he still has a decent amount of muscle.
Height: 6’2’’
Weight: 180 lbs.
Facial Hair: Usually clean-shaven, but he’ll get a bit of blond stubble if he’s been away from home or engrossed in something for too long.
Birthmarks/Scars: A light scar on the corner of his mouth on the left side, running straight down over his bottom lip (the cut wasn’t deep enough to completely split his lip, but there’s a noticeable white scar there). There are several other scars on his chest, back, and arms from his training days.

Health: Extremely healthy. Although sometimes he forgets to eat if he’s fulfilling a contract or mixing poisons for too long.
Memory: He remembers things very well and is excellent at memorization (he kinda has to be). He especially remembers the details of things that most people wouldn’t notice, much less remember. This includes things like peoples’ features; incredibly detailed information about his targets as well their habits and schedules; the layout, entrances, and exits of large mansions or castles; hundreds upon hundreds of different poisons, their effects, and how they mix with other poisons; etc.
Senses: His hearing is extremely good, and he has a sharp sense of smell. He’s good at spotting details and tiny motions, and he can use his Talent to improve his night vision so he can see in the dark much better than usual. His taste and touch are normal.
Grooming: Generally well-kept. He makes sure he’s scentless, especially when he has jobs that require a lot of sneaking around and close proximity to guards, since even a strange scent can alert a target or a guard to an intruder. This involves a lot of showers with scentless soap.  
Posture: As himself, he’ll be loose and attentive. He’s always ready for action. Of course, his posture and how he holds himself will change to whatever he needs it to be in order to match and sell a disguise.
Coordination: Extremely fit and very quick reflexes.
Habits/Quirks/Mannerisms: When writing something and pausing to think, he’ll flip his pen between his fingers. If he’s thinking about or considering something without a pen in hand, he might subconsciously take a small knife out and do the same with it. If he’s getting impatient he’ll sometimes tap a finger (against a counter, desk, or table if he’s sitting at one, or against his folded arms if he’s standing). When entering a house, he’ll always lock the door behind him. He keeps doors within the house unlocked in case he needs to escape a room quickly, but the windows and doors leading outside are always kept locked and trapped. He’s an absolute perfectionist who accepts no substandard work by himself or anyone else (this applies to those who make his weapons, his lock pick sets, anything. He’ll go to every expense to get the best weapons and equipment). He gets extremely paranoid about some things, because paranoia begets perfection in his line of work. For example, he does everything he can to hide his presence using mundane tricks (smudging his face and other visible skin with ash if he’s doing a job at night, wearing shoes with soles specially made to be nearly silent on most surfaces, etc.) rather than totally relying on magic to cloak him in shadows, muffle his footsteps, or otherwise help him complete jobs. These are some of his normal quirks, but he also picks up different mannerisms and drops his own when in disguise. On top of that, there’s also the fact that he’s changed his identity many times; whenever he does that, he switches out his quirks and habits along with his name, making up a new set of mannerisms for each identity.
Attitude: He doesn’t interact with others much, but he’s mostly silent and observant. Of course, when in disguise, he can put on any attitude or personality like a mask.
Stability: After a really messy job, he can get pretty unstable. He doesn’t enjoy killing innocents, especially children, but at times he doesn’t have a choice. He rarely shows anger, but when he does, he’s absolutely furious at that point and is liable to fly into a rage.
Expressiveness: He hides emotion to the best of his ability. Sarcasm, dry wit, impatience, and other similar emotions are about the extent of what he’ll show at this point in time.
When Happy: Depending on his mood and the context of the situation, he might smile or laugh wryly.
When Depressed: He starts mixing poisons or cleaning his weapons.
When Angry: By the time he shows his anger, he’ll be furious. If he can, he’ll take it out on the one who caused him to be angry in the first place. If he can’t do that, he’ll go back to one of his safe houses and train incessantly for a while.
Note: These are generalizations. Different situations will create different reactions.

Current Residence: He has a number of safe houses across the city, all in either very hidden or very normal, blatant places. If you buy the least-expensive house in any neighborhood, then your neighbors will most likely ignore and avoid that place like the plague. Most of his safe houses are spacious, and all of them are full of weapons and other equipment. Several are in the shady or poor areas of the city and are shabby-looking on the outside (though he keeps them absolutely spotless on the inside whenever he’s there). One of them is even underground, accessed by an old trapdoor in an abandoned house (though he’s careful about that one because someone might decide to tear down the house one day.) He has a couple normal houses in two of the more well-off neighborhoods. One is for when he needs to disguise himself as a noble. You can’t exit a safe house and go walking around the shady side of the city dressed in elegant clothing. The other is the home of his alias, and that’s the house he returns to whenever he’s gone out as Durzan. When that happens, he usually leaves the house later that night or in disguise during the day.

Friends: Kilaun has very few real friends. His alias has friends, if only for the sake of blending in and keeping a normal front in case anyone who goes looking into the alias. Kilaun himself has contacts and connections, mostly. There is another assassin (he goes by the name Lark, though no one knows if that’s his real name or just a codename) whom Kilaun has more of a co-worker/friend relationship with.
Enemies: His enemies? There are lots. It doesn’t matter that he never talks about his jobs or very rarely leaves evidence that could link him to a kill. Word always gets out. Another assassin might attribute a job to him. Clients sometimes brag about who they hired. There are many people he has wronged, and even more who only think he has wronged them. It’s one of the many costs of being the best. No one wants to admit that their friend or family member was killed by a second-rate assassin, so they attribute the hit to Kilaun. See why he has an alias now? Yeah. He has a lot of enemies.
Bosses: Only those he accepts contracts from. And if anyone attempts to force him into a contract by trying to threaten him, they’ll find that the inside of a coffin looks very interesting.
Followers: None. Unless you count the many amateur imitators who have tried claiming to be him because they want his reputation. They die pretty fast, though, and not always because Kilaun kills them. They’re amateurs. They usually get themselves killed.
Rivals: Other assassins, mainly, though most of them can’t hold a candle to his skills and everyone knows it. There are a select few who come close, though.
Pets: None. That would be far too time-consuming (and loud). Plus it’s hard to keep a pet when you move from safe house to safe house almost constantly.

Wardrobe: When he’s on an assassination contract that requires sneaking and/or breaking in somewhere, it’s usually a mottled black-and-grey outfit that breaks up his shape to the human eye and helps him blend in with shadows. For his disguises, he has an infinite number of outfits, from extravagant nobles’ clothes to beggars’ rags.
Equipment: Kilaun can work with almost any weapon. His safe houses are chock full of them. He practices with everything from bows (long bow, recurve, crossbow) to swords (curved swords, katanas, hook swords, longswords, short swords, twin swords, rapiers) to staffs to darts and throwing knives to pole weapons and spears to daggers and knives. His favorite weapon, however, would probably be Vengeance, his hand-and-a-half sword. He is also very skilled at hand-to-hand combat. Other equipment includes climbing gear (rope, harnesses, hooks, etc.) in case he needs it, and other miscellaneous equipment that he’s had to use at one point and never got rid of because he might need it again. He has basic forgery tools (seals, pens, stationary specific to various noble houses, etc.), but forgery isn’t his strongest skill and if he needs a well-done forgery, he has a contact who takes care of it for him. On top of that, Kilaun is a master of poisons and, by proxy, botany. He can make pretty much any poison, or even mix poisons to get different effects. He has small greenhouses in several of his safe houses where he grows some of the more common plants he needs.
Tattoos: He has a tattoo on his left shoulder, which he got before he turned to assassination. He always keeps it covered or hidden with a strong illusion when he’s in disguise, since it’s a rather infamous mark associated with Kilaun the assassin. (Some of the brothel girls he's slept with have seen it and, with him being such a legend, naturally talked about it with other girls and clients. The story of it [and why he might have gotten it and what it could possibly mean] spread like wildfire, and now the tattoo is something of an unconfirmed rumour or tale about him that most people take as truth.)
Among the Shadows Sxnmzr
(Yes, this is the ANBU tattoo from Naruto, but I literally could not find any other simplistic tattoo like this. I searched Google Images for hoooouuurs. On another note, I imagine that in their world they use the old way of tattooing. You know, the way we used to do it before we invented tattoo guns.)
Accessories: He inherited a strange necklace, a blue stone strung on a thin leather cord, from his father. Kilaun doesn't know what it is or if it has a purpose, but he never wears it because it could catch on something at the worst moment, or reflect a bit of light and give him away.
Funds: Quite a lot. He gets paid top-notch rates because of his skill in assassination. He spends a lot of it on getting the best possible weapons, equipment, and ingredients for poisons, but he still has a lot left over that he splits between his safe houses and the bank (though he only shows up at the bank in disguise as his public alias, Durzan Fireheart).
Transportation: Usually walking. If he needs to go far, he’s capable of riding. If he’s disguising himself as a noble attending a party, he’ll arrive in a carriage.
Collections: Weapons and equipment, obviously. Other than that, no.
Most Valuable Possession: His best lock picking set, which he commissioned personally and is made of an extremely expensive metal that will not break or bend.
Most Prized Possession: Probably that necklace, or his sword Vengeance, which is also extremely valuable money-wise, as it is a sword of unparalleled quality.

Lovers: Kilaun doesn’t take lovers. He’ll sleep with girls, but he would never allow himself to love one (or so he thinks lol). He considers love to be a colossal weakness that would destroy him, given his profession. If anyone found out he had a lover, she would be used against him, without a doubt.
Marital Status: This doesn't even deserve an answer.
Sex Life: He’ll go into a brothel when he’s feeling frustrated or pent up, or on those incredibly rare nights when he’s unstable and indulges in alcohol and sex to drown memories of everything he’s done and what he’s become.
Turn-Ons: If he were actually looking for a girl, it would be strength. He likes a girl who can hold her own and isn’t afraid to talk back to him.
Turn Offs: Weak girls who cry a lot (he’s not good with that, and he will get the hell out of there the moment one of these shows up) or shallow, vain women.

Occupation: Assassin
Work Ethic: Kilaun only takes jobs that interest him. He has plenty enough money to be picky about the contracts he takes. Of course, once he takes it, he fulfills that contract completely and perfectly, leaving no loose ends. He’s considered the best for a reason. Many nobles would do anything to procure his services to use against their competition or enemies.
Wealth Status: He has enough money to be far in the upper class, but for anonymity’s sake (having a lot of expensive possessions draws a lot of attention, after all), he appears to be middle-upper class. (At least, his public alias does.)
Organizations/Affiliations: Kilaun works alone.
Education: His education was excellent. He was, after all, raised to be a prince as well as a royal protector.
Religion/Superstitions: None, really. Some assassins believe in and worship the old gods, especially the god of death, whom they honor with the blood of their kills, but Kilaun does not believe in those superstitions.
Morals: There are few things, at least as far as killing goes, that Kilaun won’t do anymore. Even so, there are many things he still finds disgusting and low, such as raping women or enjoying slaughtering people. (Although he is an assassin, Kilaun does not find enjoyment in taking life. It is simply work. When one begins to enjoy it, when they take jobs and purposefully butcher people who aren’t the targets, when they happily bathe in the blood of innocents- that is when Kilaun believes they are cruel, immoral, and unworthy of being called an assassin; at that point, they can only be called murderer, butcher, slaughterer.)
Crime Record: Well. That’s quite obvious. Actually, his relationship with the law is non-existent, because he never allows himself to be caught. He has no official criminal record and he has never been imprisoned, but every guard knows of him.  
Motivation: Not much. He doesn’t live for love, or money, or power. Perhaps it’s his promise to a dead king. A promise to keep living an empty, meaningless life, to protect people he doesn’t have.
Philosophy: Life has no meaning. When he takes a life, he isn’t taking anything of value. At least, that’s what he tries to believe. Perhaps he’s still searching for a meaning and purpose to life, or perhaps he’s given up. Or perhaps he’s just waiting for something, some indication of justice and purpose in a sick world. And even though he doesn’t believe in a just world (after all, what fair universe would allow him to exist?), he gets a warm feeling whenever justice wins in the end or when a noble sacrifice makes a difference in other lives. That feeling tells him that’s the way things are supposed to be.
Political Views: He tries not to get too involved politically, but of course, with his job, that’s impossible. He won’t take any jobs against the current royal family, however, because they are strong, just, and kind. And also that would be getting himself into a huge political chess game that he wants nothing to do with.
Etiquette: This depends on the mask he’s wearing at the time. He’ll alter his manners to fit any disguise. Given the way he was raised, he has natural impeccable etiquette. Whether he puts it into play or not depends on the situation and who he is disguised as.
Culture: He has erased the majority of any cultural customs that he picked up from his birthplace and from the countries he’s traveled to. Having lived in Ramilyn for some time now, he’s perfectly adapted to the culture here.

Main Goal: His main goal is to keep his promise to the king; in other words, stay alive. The second part of that promise (to protect his loved ones) he conveniently fulfills (or avoids) by not having any loved ones.
Minor Goals/Ambitions: He’ll be happy if he can keep his sanity a while longer.
Accomplishments: Given that the only thing he’s been doing pretty much his entire life is killing, there aren’t any accomplishments that he would count, really. It would be rather disgusting to think of individual kills as ‘achievements.’ That would be going into the realm of enjoying murder and racking up kills for the fun of it. That’s abhorrent. Other than that…perhaps his achievements include things like becoming skilled at picking especially difficult locks or learning to use his Talent properly.  
Greatest Achievement: Mastery of the assassination arts, I suppose.
Biggest Failure/Regrets: That he was unable to save his king and queen even though he had been training for years to do that very thing. He regrets that he let them coax him into running away instead of fighting and believes that if he had stayed and fought, the king and queen wouldn’t have died and everything would be different.
Secrets: You mean aside from the entire assassin thing, plus his entire background and basically everything else about him? Gee, can’t think of anything.
Worries: That he might be discovered by the ones who staged the coup in his home country so many years ago, or by agents of the country Cenara was at war with. It’s why he travels between different kingdoms a lot and has switched names and faces so many times. It’s a small chance that anyone’s even looking for him anymore (and it’s probably more his paranoia than anything else that causes him to switch identities every time he settles down), but it’s not a risk he wants to take.
Best Memories: The time he spent training and under the foreign king and queen’s tutelage. He had a close relationship with the royal couple, to the point where they considered him a son. Those years were filled with hard work, but also with love that he, despite his best attempts, can’t forget.
Worst Memories: Clearly, that would be the day of the coup. We don’t talk about that. Like, ever.

Hobbies/Interests: Um. Other than assassination? Reading, probably. Though he usually only reads books about other things that can help better his skills (like that thick volume on poisons and their varying effects on the human body…jeez, that one’s huge!). Of course, he also must be well-read and caught up on current trends for when he needs to disguise himself as a noble and walk and talk with the gentry without raising suspicion.
Skills/Talents: OTHER THAN ASSASSINATION?! Well, actually, he’s pretty decent at playing several instruments. Or he was, when he was a teenager.
Likes: Everything being organized and in place (he has a mania for organization), perfection, jobs that go off without a hitch.
Dislikes: Jobs that get messy, sloppy assassination work, unpredictable situations during jobs (even though he’s learned to expect and expertly deal with them, he still doesn’t like them), unorganized spaces/things, dirtiness, unnecessarily loud people or noises.
Sense of Humor: Dark, dry, sarcastic most of the time, clever, and sharp.

Strengths: Adaptability, able to blend in easily when he needs to, cool under pressure, able to make fast and solid decisions and judgments based on the evidence he has at hand, able to judge people’s character easily and tell when they’re lying.
Flaws: Obsessed with perfection, paranoid about some things, bitingly sarcastic at times, few morals (though he has somewhat of his own moral code), no qualms about using violence to solve problems.

Powers/Abilities: Like many men, Kilaun possess the Talent. Kilaun’s Talent allows him to do things most any Talented person can do (move faster, jump higher, strengthen the force of blows with Talent, etc.) as well as letting him muffle his footsteps, cloak himself with shadows, disguise his voice somewhat, and various other similar things. He has a small Talent for illusions, which helps him disguise his face and body (though he uses mundane disguises as well). He can also use his Talent to change his features somewhat to make himself look like the native-born people of different countries.
Ability: Kilaun is extremely adept at using his powers. Unlike most Talented assassins, he first does everything mundane that he can to lessen his presence; only after that will he use his Talent to cover the rest and completely erase himself. This ensures that he doesn’t use up too much of his Talent in simply concealing himself; if there’s not much of a footstep to muffle, you don’t have to waste as much Talent in muffling it, that sort of thing. He manages his Talent well and is skilled at using it in many different ways.
Weaknesses/Restrictions: Like all Talented individuals, Kilaun’s reserve of magical power can run dry. His is rather large, though, and he manages his reserves well, so this rarely happens. At night, however, he will be significantly more vulnerable because his magic power can’t refill until the sun comes up or he finds a really, really bright fire. And, like any talent, the Talent has limits. If he walks in the noonday sun, he’ll be seen. If he steps on dry leaves, he’ll be heard. He’s Talented; that doesn’t make him a god.

Languages: Kilaun has a natural knack for languages. He conversationally fluent in the languages of each country he’s spent long lengths of time in, and passably speaks the language of countries he stayed in for only a short while.
Accent: Because of the nature of his traveling (trying not to stand out so he won’t be discovered) and his natural bent for language, Kilaun picks up the accent of every language he speaks, to the point where most natives of that country can’t tell by his voice that he isn’t one of them. This is useful in his disguises as well; for example, if he’s disguised as an Emoyan, but he’s in Ramilyn and speaking the language of Ramilyn, he’ll have the heavy accent of the Emoya natives.
Laughter: Usually dry, sometimes sarcastic or bitter. If he’s disguised, however, he can fake a charming laugh or a genuinely-amused laugh, or whatever else he needs at the moment.  

Reputation: Kilaun is a legend. All the assassins in the city (and even across the country, probably) know of him and, to be perfectly honest, are envious of his skills. Among the general population, he has a myth-like quality; there’s even a saying about him comparing him to the other assassins of the city: “Sure, Kilaun is like other assassins- in the way a tiger is like a kitten.” Everyone fears him, and yet they are simultaneously in awe of him.
Tropes: Dark and Troubled Past, Antihero

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Alessis - 24 - Thief

This was it. She would finally be able to get her amulet back. Alessis had spent little over a week waiting for this opportunity, the entire time being frustrated with herself. How could she have let something this important slip from her grasp? If this noble thought she was going to give up and just walk away with her head low he had another thing coming. Alessis was not the type of girl who walked away until there was absolutely nothing else to try. This time she was lucky. It had been a slightly warmer evening, and the noble had opened a couple windows. The windows were high above Alessis' reach, most likely in the room the noble was in. A dark shadow against one of the windows confirmed her suspicions. Alessis slowly circled towards the side of the house, towards the second of two open windows. It wouldn't be easy to climb, but she had managed to get to harder places. (Ok so you know how people have like those column things along their house? It's like a gutter drain thing that runs down your house? Sorta like one of those, but it's solid. Ugh I'm not sure how to describe it) As she grabbed the thin column and prepared to hoist herself up, she heard the clicking of a carriage. Alessis pressed herself close to the building to stay out of sight, but the carriage didn't pass by. She heard the door of the carriage open and shut quietly. Someone must be visiting the noble.

Taking this as her opportunity, Alessis grabbed the column again and pulled herself up. By the time she reached the window, her arms were burning. Pushing the window open more, the thief slid inside. She was standing in a very lush room. A very expensive wardrobe stood a foot away from her left side, a plush bed stood across from it, an open door near that, and a lavish desk covered with papers and ink stood below the second window. Alessis didn't know where to start looking. Making her way to the wardrobe, she gently opened the large doors. The fancy clothes made it obvious she was in a noble's home. She glanced back at the opened door. Taking a deep breath, she began looking through the wardrobe's compartments. She had no luck there. Turning to the desk, she quickly began rummaging through a pile of papers. She didn't find it there either, so she began pulling open drawers. The second drawer she rummaged through brought a sigh of relief. The amulet was laying there. She gently grasp the amulet, releasing a small sigh. It felt nice to finally have back her mother's last parting gift. Alessis closed the drawer quickly, and just as she turned to glance at the door a figured popped into view. Her heart was pumping quickly as the noble caught sight of her. Quickly pulling the amulet around her neck, Alessis went to the window as the man shouted. "Get back here you little rat!" She slid out of the window quickly as the noble reached to grab for her. Just escaping his reach, Alessis slid down the column as fast as she could without hurting herself too much. The noble began shouting a slur of curses and demands for her to return. With a smug smile, Alessis touched the ground and took a step back. Looking back up at the noble, she gave a small curtsy before running down the street and into the shadow.
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Kilaun - 25 - Assassin

Kilaun watched the noisy pub from the dark alleyway between two buildings across the street. He had taken a contract several days before, and hadn't realized how far out of the way it would take him. The noble requiring his services had only figured out how to contact him a full day after the actual theft. He'd caught the thief in the act of stealing a precious necklace of his, but she had escaped. The noble wanted Kilaun to track her down, retrieve the amulet, and kill the thief. Kilaun was more of the opinion that the man deserved to have his goods stolen if he wasn't going to at least keep guards around his mansion. All in all, it was rather pathetic of someone wanting Kilaun, who was widely considered the best assassin in the city, to fulfill a contract for him, but the money was good and it was supposed to be a simple job. In the time between the theft and the noble hiring him, though, the thief had fled town. Even so, Kilaun had managed to track her down to this pub without too much difficulty. She appeared to be in the habit of staying at inns and pubs like this one, and she was an uncommon flirt. Plenty of people had noticed her. For a thief, she didn't exactly try to hide.

Now she was holed up in this pub, in a town several days' travel from the city. She had rented a room upstairs a few hours before. That left Kilaun with two choices. First, he could go in now while the pub was still busy and somehow catch her alone. With any luck, she would be in her room rather than at the bar downstairs and he could simply pick the lock on the door or enter through the room's single window. The problem with that was that it was still light out and the window faced the town's main street. Even with his Talent cloaking him in shadows, people would notice a lean, six-foot smear of darkness clambering up the side of a building. And to get into the room from the inside, he would have to pass through the bar room downstairs. There would be no cloaking himself in there, but if done right, it was easy to blend into a crowd.

The second choice was to wait until nightfall. Under the cover of darkness, he could go in through the window without any trouble at all. But there was a problem with that route as well. She might have this pub set up as a meeting place for a predetermined fencing deal. She might have even sold the amulet to her fence already. If this was the case, he needed to get in there and figure out the amulet's location before it got too far away. He was an assassin, not a hound dog. Therefore, the choice was clear: he would have to go in now.

Since entering the pub in his normal work outfit (a tight-fitting cotton tunic and pants, both a mottled gray color, cut in a way that wouldn't impede any movement) would be far too conspicuous, he stuck with what he had been wearing for the last several days (his grays were too conspicuous for traveling, too). The outfit consisted of dark pants, a simple, thin jerkin that left his arms bare, and a hooded cloak to conceal his identity. He would have preferred an illusion to disguise his face, but that would be a waste of Talent. It would be getting dark out soon, and at that point his reserves wouldn't refill until the sun rose again. He would rather have Talent to spare in case any unforeseen situations arose.

Kilaun stepped out of the shadows. This would take a bit of skill and time to play properly. If the thief was holed up in her room, he would have to rent his own room, stay down in the common room for a while, and then appear to retire upstairs before picking the lock to the thief's room while the hallway was empty. If he simply showed up and went upstairs, he would quickly be suspected when the thief turned up dead tomorrow.  If, on the other hand, the thief was downstairs at the bar, he would have to find a way to get her alone without raising suspicions. Even though it was unlikely anyone would uncover his identity (that was the whole point of the hooded cloak), he was unwilling to take such a risk. Paranoia begat perfection in his line of work, after all.

Kilaun pushed open the doors of the pub and slipped inside. The noise intensified ten times over now that he was inside the building, but Kilaun ignored it. He wound his way through the crowd to the bar at the back of the common room. He sat down in the corner where the counter met the wall and turned slightly so his back was to the wall. This gave him a good view of the room and all its entry and exit points. Kilaun caught the bartender's eye and raised his hand, wordlessly asking for a drink. When it was delivered, Kilaun discreetly checked it for poison, then sat back to sip his drink and wait.

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Alessis - 24 - Thief

Alessis let out a small yawn as she looked around the pub. There were no real targets of interest tonight to try and steal something from. She hadn't really tried to take anything here recently. She was trying to law low for the most part. Alessis had no idea who anyone could be, and with the amulet laying a nice price on her head it could mean anyone was out to get her. It didn't seem likely that the noble would just let her run off with her amulet. Alessis let out a breath, toying with her hood. Just thinking about the noble and her amulet getting stolen was frustrating her. Someone had stolen it and then sold it to a fence just as quickly as he had stolen it. She let out a sigh and took a sip from her drink.

She turned her attention to the door when a hooded figure walking into the pub. He didn't say a word as he made his way to the back corner table. She pulled her own hood a bit farther off of her head, but still covering the crown of her head. She took the majority of her hair hanging over her shoulder and began wrapping them into a long braid. Knotting the end she stood up and walked over to the man sitting alone. Most everyone else by now was either drunk out of their minds or with someone, and Alessis wasn't really up for dealing with more than one drunken man. For all she knew this man could be a fellow thief or even an assassin, but even if he were, by now wouldn't he have made some sort of move to talk to someone or at least slink up the stairs to a person's room? She didn't really know how assassins worked, but thieves weren't the type to sit around and wait for someone to come to them. They always took matters into their own hands. That is exactly what Alessis did. She walked over to the table and put on a charming smile.
"It's rather late to walk into a pub. Unless of course you are just calling it a day from a long travel. Some nice company and a hearty drink or two is a great way to end a day's travel, don't you think?" Alessis sat across from the man, hoping to get some kind of response.
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Kilaun - 25 - Assassin

Kilaun sipped his drink, running his eyes discreetly over the crowd of (mostly drunk) people in the bar room. He couldn't spot any girl who looked like the one the noble had described to him in detail, but there was one person who, like himself, had their hood up to hide their face. He kept his eye on that one.The figure looked feminine enough to be female, although a bit on the...lesser side in the chest area ((Omg puns. Wordplay and puns. Please tell me you got that, Luv XD)). Then the girl shifted her hood back a bit and started towards him. Kilaun could make out her face now; without a doubt, she was his target.

The thief sauntered up to his table with a charming smile. He could definitely see where she got her reputation as a flirt, Kilaun thought as she not-so-subtly offered to join him. He made a quick decision. If he talked with her a while, it was likely that she would invite him back to her room herself. At the very least, his chances of getting her somewhere private where he could question her about the amulet's location would be much higher if he accepted her offer than if he turned her down. Calling quickly on his Talent, he used an illusion to shift the features of his face slightly. He gave the illusion mousy brown hair, green eyes, and a softer jaw than his own. He adjusted the nose and mouth to fit the new shape, and tanned the skin somewhat to look like that of a traveler who had been out on the road for at least a week. That would be enough.

As the thief sat down near him, Kilaun pushed his hood down and settled into an easy, charming personality to put her more at ease. It was as effortless as slipping into his best-fitting grays. "I usually don't like company, love, but I just might make an exception for you," he said with small smile. He raised his hand and called out to the bartender for another drink. Alcohol would help remove any inhibitions she might have, but given the way she'd approached him, Kilaun doubted she had many in the first place. Still, she'd practically asked for a drink as well as his company, and the charming man he was playing right now would most certainly oblige her, so he did. The bartender came over to them, placed a drink in front of the girl, and then left to attend someone on the opposite end of the room.
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Alessis - 24 - Thief

Alessis was slightly relieved when the man pulled down his hood. It helped ease some of her suspicions, though she was still skeptical for some reason. She hadn't really went straight for someone trying to avoid attention, but he just had an air of curiosity around him (Haha if only you knew what you were getting yourself into there Less). She pulled her own hood the rest of the way down and tucked a loose stand of hair behind her ear. He seemed welcoming enough, as he had a smile on his lips and spoke words that could make any girl swoon. He signed down the bartender and got Alessis a drink. She smiled gently at his offer and examined the glass before she took a drink, unsure what to say next as well as checking for obvious signs of poison.

She sat her drink down and rested her elbow on the table before gently placing her chin on top of her hand, tilting her head slightly to give a lighthearted air to her.
"A handsome man who's good with words... You must get quite a few girls to fawn over you. So tell me, what brings you to the city of Cleorn?" Alessis asked casually, twirling the index finger of her free hand on the table. She was rather interested to see his intentions or if he was a good liar. Some men couldn't lie even if their life depended on it. She had learned to read people rather well in her time.

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Kilaun - 25 - Assassin

Kilaun watched the girl carefully, yet discreetly, cataloging her mannerisms, watching how she acted. She checked her glass for poison before drinking from it; a smart thief, then. No matter what topic of conversation she chose to start, he'd have to be careful what he things he said to her, or she would undoubtedly spot any lie he told her. The girl put her chin in her hand, flattered him some, then asked him why he was here in the city. He chuckled charmingly. "You're not too bad with words yourself. As for why I'm here, it's a bit of a personal matter. I'm on my way to visit family. See, I left when I was young to learn trading in the west, and I never returned home. But some time ago I received a letter notifying me that my mother is deathly ill, so I'm going back to see her." Kilaun spoke smoothly and easily. He chose his words carefully and his expressions even more so, though no sign of his caution showed in his voice. He needed to be vague with his words and locations, in case the thief was from the area and knew the people around here. As for his expressions, he showed appropriate worry when talking about his mother (that part, at least, was true; his mother had been fatally ill at one point. As the saying went, 'The masterful liar tells no falsehoods') and apt regret when talking about how he'd left home and never returned. The trick, though, was to not go into too much detail while talking about this made-up past. Only someone trying too hard to get a person to trust them would tell that person their entire life story. He kept it short and succinct, yet added enough depth to make it real and believable.

"And what about you? Why are you here?" Kilaun asked then. Of course, he already knew the answer to this, or at least, several likely answers. It was normal to ask, though, so he did. While waiting, he tossed back the rest of his drink, the alcohol burning its way down his throat. It was hard to get him drunk; he had a high tolerance, and on top of that, magic automatically made one's body more resistant against all kinds of poisons and toxins. Alcohol was apparently included in that category. He set his glass down on the table and looked back at the thief, keeping a small smile on his lips to make himself more open and friendly.
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