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 Post things you overhear!

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Souper Star

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PostSubject: Post things you overhear!   Sat Sep 23, 2017 3:42 pm

Title is pretty self explainatory! Post funny things you overhear/hear, whether its something your family, friends, or even strangers say! In my college we have a facebook page that's similar to this and there's some crazy stuff on there, so I thought I might be fun to bring one here!

Something I heard drunk people say at a party I went to recently:
1:"Why are you shirtless?!"
2:"Because I need a micro USB!!!!"


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Souper Lord

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PostSubject: Re: Post things you overhear!   Mon Oct 16, 2017 4:36 am

oooh I can't think of anything at the moment but I shall report back here hehehe~


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Post things you overhear!
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