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 Coming Darkness - Fantasy Shifters

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PostSubject: Coming Darkness - Fantasy Shifters   Sun Jul 09, 2017 11:02 pm

Ages ago creatures of all sorts filled the world. Dragons, Gryphons, Pegasus, Unicorns, Manticors, Hydras, the list went on and on. They protected the world from those of their kind and others who would turn against it. Each country had their own stories and creatures of legends who fought for them. These were guardians of the world, until something got loose, something that corrupted mankind. Those guardians who were once respected or even considered messengers from the gods were now challenges, obstacles to conquer. Knights, dragon slayers, heroes, hunters, they went by many names but they struck down the guardians. To have mankind turn on them was unexpected and left the guardians confused, having no desire to fight those they guarded. The guardians turned and begged those that had once set them, those many considered gods, they begged for help. Help came, the guardians were turned mortal, turned to human.

The guardians lived out mortal lives, living amongst those who once hunted them. They fell in love, had children and died when their time came. Each generation had a few guardians, they watched over the world and fought off small threats, these became urban legends in much of the world like those of Loch Ness, Beast of Bray Road, Black Shuck, and Thunderbird, to name a few. There was balance in the world, but such a balance is often changed.

First the smaller attacks increased, stories popped up at a rapid pace. Now a great demon has come, the first of many. The embodiment of nightmares, it has already sent dozens into an eternal sleep where they are trapped in their own nightmare realm. With each person the demon traps it gets stronger.

Those who originally sent the guardians, titans or gods, have chosen to awaken as many as they can, throwing several people into a world they weren't aware of. Each guardian carries the mark of the creature they turn into so that those more experienced can identify them. They have a limited time to gather their forces and figure things out before the demons become too strong.

There is one other problem though, the guardians went away because of hunters and that won't change. In fact in a modern world where there are cameras everywhere that had only gotten worse and continue to get worse.
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PostSubject: Re: Coming Darkness - Fantasy Shifters   Sun Jul 09, 2017 11:05 pm

The main characters of this RP will be shifters, at this time no hunters will be selected.

You can be as creative as you want with making your creature but within reason. I expect characters to be balanced. If you want inspiration for your character’s shift, look to mythology. Egyptian mythology you can be a Aspect of Anubis taking on a form like his or another of their gods. Greek Hydras and minotaurs. Norse had the Lindworm and Landvættir. You get the idea. Of course you can also adapt your own, as I said be as creative as you want, just make it fit the world.

This being said there are creatures I will not allow in the typical sense. I will not allow any demons as they are the main enemy.

Now there are two types of guardians.
The experienced, there are 5 of them they are the strongest and all over the age of 24. They know of the dangers coming.

The inexperienced (New), the youngest they can be is 16, oldest is 65. They don’t know what’s going on yet or how to control what they are.

When making your character, all creatures are mortal now, their lifespan is that of a human. You cannot be thousands of years old or unknown.

You can have as many characters as you want but only 1 experienced guardian per person.

To make this easy this will be happening in a no name modern, major city. The experienced guardians have a modified warehouse where they meet up and can build a training ground outside the city.

Before starting here’s the rest of the rules:

RP Rules
1. Above all else, use logic. Skilled fighters won’t struggle against a novice fighter. Equal fighters will struggle and won’t dodge any attack. If you’re making your character dodge everything and land every hit, it will not end well.
2. If your character does something stupid more than once, they will have consequences and that could be death. (You enter a villain lair alone, you might get out, you do it again things will go badly.)
3. Grammar and spelling are important. No text talk, mistakes happen but try. I understand typos and auto corrects.
4. Please avoid writing in the first person, it’s disorienting to go from reading third person replies to a first person.
5. Take all OOC and characters to the discussion thread.
6. This RP is laid back in terms of how quickly replies are expected.
7. You can have whatever mini plot you desire.
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PostSubject: Re: Coming Darkness - Fantasy Shifters   Sun Jul 09, 2017 11:07 pm

Known Creatures:
Centaurs, Draconic Steed, Unicorn, Pegasus, Kelpie, Hippocampus, Qilin, Ipotane
Dragons, Hydras, Lindworm, Baskilisk, Wyvern, Naga
Sphinx, Gryphon, Weretigers, Manticore, Chimera, Pixiu
Werewolves, Direwolves, Child of Fenrir, Cerberus, Kitsune, Dragon Wolf
Aspect of the Gods (Pick an Egyptian god, take on their likeness), Minotaurs, Mermaids, Yeti, Troll, Phoenix, Siren, Harpy
*Remember you can always add a new creature, mythological or made up

Character List:
Experience Guardians
1. Leon - 29 - Aspect of Ra

New Guardians (Unlimited)
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PostSubject: Re: Coming Darkness - Fantasy Shifters   

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Coming Darkness - Fantasy Shifters
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