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PostSubject: FORUM & ROLE PLAY RULES - UPDATED 7/9/17   Thu Dec 29, 2016 1:50 pm

Follow these forum-wide rules or risk being warned/banned. The rules are enforced at all times by our staff.

If you have any questions about these rules, please PM a staff member or make a post on the Suggestions & Help board.  Thank you!



You alone are in charge of the actions of your account. Sharing of or asking for personal information of any kind is prohibited. Do NOT provide emails, full name, address, phone numbers, school, etc. If there is any of this information being exchanged, you will be warned, and if it continues you will be banned.

PG-13 Rating
Under no circumstances is there to be any content above the PG-13 rating. This means no pornographic or nude images, no topics that could be considered offensive, and no extensive slander or vulgar language. Only minimal swearing, like ass, hell, damn, shit, etc. are allowed. This means no f-bombs, and no racist or sexist slurs. These rules apply to all role plays on the forum as well.

To put it simply: Treat others the way you want to be treated. Any behavior breaking this rule will result in action being taken upon your account.
This includes but is not limited to:

  • Any threats regarding race, sexuality, or gender
  • Hack threats
  • Death threats
  • Discrimination of any kind

Any disrespect towards the administration or the forum is also prohibited.

Spamming and Advertising
Spamming/flooding of the forum or chat box will not be tolerated and will result in a warning. Please also avoid posting one-word posts, including but not limited to "ok" or "yes." Advertising of other games, forums, etc., should only be done in the General Discussion board; advertising is not allowed anywhere else on the forum, including the chat box.

Harassment or cyber-bullying is not tolerated and will conclude in a permanent ban.
If another member is being rude to you at all, report it to a moderator immediately. Do not continue talking to that person until the moderators have sorted things out. If somebody is attacking you, you report it, you DO NOT attack back, because that will result in getting yourself banned as well.
If you ever witness members attacking each other, please report it to a moderator immediately. It would help the staff out immensely.

IMPORTANT: When reporting a user for harassment, please provide a full explanation of what happened. Proof is greatly needed. Please take a screenshot or copy and paste what was posted, then show that to the moderators.



No power-playing! This means making yourself more powerful then any other player. This also means no killing each other's characters without permission from the owner of the character you are killing. Also no controlling other people's characters without their permission.

In or Out of Character?
When you are roleplaying, please make it obvious whether it is you or your character speaking. If you are writing as yourself, please write in parentheses () or put OOC. This will help us know what is you and what is your character.
Example: (Hey guys, I have to log off now. See you tomorrow!)
Also when your character is thinking, please put it in italics or between apostrophes, so we know your character didn't verbally say it.
Example: I hope she doesn't follow me, Katie thought. OR 'I hope she doesn't follow me,' Katie thought.

This is a semi-lit forum, therefore you must write at least 3 sentences when in character. Try and be descriptive with your posts; use adjectives and adverbs. This will make a post more fun to read. Describe what you’re character is thinking and feeling, not just what he/she is doing. Please be sure to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Do not make run-on sentences, as those are confusing to read.

Romance, etc.
Please remember to keep all role plays PG-13.

Characters may NOT:

  • Remove their (or their partner's) clothing or be naked, partially or fully, in a romantic scene
  • Touch each other 'all over' or in inappropriate places
  • Kiss each other's bodies
  • Sexually abuse other characters
  • Be suicidal or self-harm - posting such things can have an affect on some people who struggle with these issues in real life, so please just avoid it altogether

Characters may:

  • Kiss on lips, forehead, cheek, hand
  • Do a 'fade to black' if it goes any further

You may create additional rules for your threads and role plays, but these rules apply for and are the main rules for the entire forum. If you witness any member breaking these rules, please report the post and a moderator will take it from there.

Have fun!

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PostSubject: Re: FORUM & ROLE PLAY RULES - UPDATED 7/9/17   Sun Jul 09, 2017 4:54 pm

Sections "Spamming and Advertising " and "Harassment" updated 7/9/17.


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