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 Xaphan's storage ♡

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Xaphan's storage ♡ Empty
PostSubject: Xaphan's storage ♡   Xaphan's storage ♡ EmptyTue Apr 16, 2019 2:02 pm

✣ Xaphan's Storage ✣

This is a place where I'll be posting my OC's and other roleplaying characters.
Here in the first post, there will be a bit of information about myself and my likes/dislikes in roleplay.
Under this line there will be things I like,
things I dislike, things I'm not great at doing when roleplaying
and other funny little things I thought would be good to know~

I like fantasy/supernatural themed roleplays the most - I agree that there should be some sort of drama or conflict in the roleplay to keep it going,
but I don't like drama that makes no sense.
I have nothing against LGBT and will gladly roleplay both as male or female ( I find it easier to roleplay as a male character mostly )
I love open world roleplays - either with the roleplay being in our real world or some fantasy world, doesn't really matter.
I'll gladly help set up the said world for the roleplay, that being with maps of the places ( D&D style c; ),
pictures of locations and towns and just finding lore for the whole thing is just up my ally.
I love doing nerdy things like that - and it's only more fun if you do it with other people~

I kind of suck at writing love/romance things - I will try my best with it though,
and I am working on getting better at it. I'm not really into 1x1 roleplays mostly because they always seem to die at some point :c

That is it for now, I might add some other things along the way~
Thank you for stopping by~

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Xaphan's storage ♡ Empty
PostSubject: Neo Michael Faust   Xaphan's storage ♡ EmptyTue Apr 16, 2019 2:11 pm

Personal information | Neo Michael Faust

Age; Around 600 years old. He looks like a guy in his mid/late twenties.

Gender; Male

Species: Neo is a monochromatic demon. The race is a special kind of demon that can’t move freely in sunlight and they can’t wear colours either. Too much colour or too much sunlight can and will kill a monochromatic demon. There are some few monochromatic demons that can wear a single simple colour - like blood red or forest green. This is really rare though. All of the monochromatic demons have some special abilities and powers, mostly offensive or harming abilities. Healing abilities are really uncommon but it does happen to a few - always in different ways though.

Personality; He can be very charming and flirty but in the next second, he can be the most clueless person in the world. He does have a more mean and insane side of him. He can change his mind in a matter of seconds - going from being interested, to finding the thing completely boring. He enjoys sitting and thinking about everything ( or nothing really depends ) Sometimes he’ll act like he’s stupid but he really isn’t - not really.

Occupation; Currently, minding his own business as he walks around and tries to find his own place in this world ( earth ). If he takes any jobs it going to be either as a bartender or the like - mostly nightlife work.

Crush; None, yet?

Lover; None, yet?

Bisexual - leaning more towards guys

Looks; Link here

Likes; Reading has always been a hobby for him. It is a place of learning and a place to escape into. He also enjoys singing. A thing he enjoys as well is eating sweets whenever he can. But maybe the biggest thing he loves is to dress up and look his best at all times. “Your dress code is important, darling ~”

Dislikes; Animals, any kind - no matter how small or how big. He can’t stand useless people either. Sunny days and spicy things are on the bad list as well.

History; Neo is from another world, where demons roam freely. It's known as “The Other World”. Neo hasn’t been back there in a long time since he got thrown down to earth by his father. He doesn’t talk much about his past and the story is kind of long and a bit too dark for CS so I’ll leave it blank for now ( But he might let you in on a few secrets if you befriend him ). Neo is just walking the earth with the rest of us, exploring places and finding work at the funniest places. He has been a waiter at a fancy restaurant and lately, he has been working as a bartender at a local gay bar.

Powers and abilities;

Abilities; Neo has a special kind of healing power, only self-healing powers though. Which means if he gets a wound he can heal it, if he has enough power left and if he wants to. His healing abilities are very powerful but they also take up a lot of energy. So let's say in a fight Neo might choose to just bleed instead of healing it right away.

Powers; Neo’s power and main defence is his blood which he can control. If he gets into a fight and gets hurt, he would be able to make the blood grab a hold of the attacker and maybe land in a few attacks himself while the blood is keeping the attacker busy. He can also turn his blood into blades or even shot it out like bullets if he wants to. It’s only limited to his mind and a radius of twenty-five feet.

The different forms;
Human form; A form Neo got his hands on from a special kind of witchdoctor from one of his trips around the world. In this form, sunlight can’t harm him, which is the best thing about this form according to Neo himself. In this human form, Neo’s hair colour changed from pure white to dark greyish colour. His eyes also turn into a normal looking human eye, with dark grey iris colour. His skin will turn into a very light skin tone. In this form, Neo’s powers are a bit more restricted - the healing still works as it does normally but he can’t control his blood that well in this form.

Demon form; This is Neo’s “real” form. His hair is completely white. His eyes turn all black with white iris colour - there is a small silver ring around the iris. His turns light grey as well. Neo’s teeth will turn into fangs and he gets two devil tails. One black and one white. The white one has two rings in it. His ears also grow into larger pointed elf ears - his earings carry over from his human form. His fingernail grows a bit more pointy as well - and they turn black. In this form, Neo is in full control over everything - his powers and his body.

Beast form; Isn't important here - I simply can't use it because it would be against the rules on the site. The beast form isn't PG13

Neo doesn’t carry any weapon besides a small hunting knife.

Other things;
Neo is a demon after all, and demons gotta eat. Neo likes his souls sweet. His blood and tears are black. He has a talent for playing music and singing. Neo can’t for the life of him swim.
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Xaphan's storage ♡
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