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 SoulClan (Warrior Cats w/ Powers) NOT OPEN

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PostSubject: SoulClan (Warrior Cats w/ Powers) NOT OPEN   Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:55 pm

Quote :

>>> Join Here! <<<
(Rules, Form, Powers, Allegiance, Bios)

Discussion Thread

Warrior Code
Clan Ceremonies
Herb List
Fighting Techniques

❧ Newleaf ❧
✿ Greenleaf ✿
☁ Leafall ☁
❄ Leafbare ❄


-flashes back to the past-
You're walking though a dense forest. You're lost, and it's dark. Little moonlight shines through the leaf-thick branches as you search for somewhere to eat, drink, and spend the night. You quicken your pace as you scent water up ahead, and as the undergrowth clears, you come to the shore of a lake. Gulping down several mouthfuls of water, you look up to see an island and vast moorland on the other side.
"Would you like to join SoulClan?"
You hear the voice behind you, and you nearly jump out of your fur.  "W-who's there!?" you ask, wide-eyed in the darkness.
A beautiful silver cat with darker stripes and piercing blue eyes steps out of the brush.
"Hello, I am Soulstar, leader of SoulClan," the cat meows. "I sense great things within you.. you are one of us. Join my Clan so it remains forever strong."
You feel something rise inside of you that urges you to go with her, as if you have an unexplained connection.
"Yes, I will join your Clan," you answer.
Your decision changed your life forever...

-flashes back to present-

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PostSubject: Re: SoulClan (Warrior Cats w/ Powers) NOT OPEN   Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:55 pm

History: Soulstar was the founder of SoulClan many many moons ago. They say the cats in SoulClan came from a shower of falling stars, and that's what made the hole in the ground where the SoulClan camp is located. Because of the fact that SoulClan ancestors were born from the falling of stars, the cats of SoulClan possess special abilities...
When the stars fell from the sky, the cats with these special abilities remained in the area. A tom cat named Soul had a dream about uniting all the cats that lived in the area into a Clan. StarClan sent that dream, knowing it was Soul's destiny to become leader of the Clan, becoming Soulstar. In Soulstar's honor, the Clan was named SoulClan.
SoulClan's ancestors are StarClan. StarClan watches over them, sends them prophecies and omens, etc. SoulClan is also bound by the Warrior Code.

Info: SoulClan cats don't only gain ranks by attitude, loyalty, and bravery. They also gain ranks by the power they possess. (Example: A medicine cat/medicine cat apprentice is usually chosen for a cat with a power that would have to do with healing or herbs, AS WELL as their attitude and loyalty to the Clan. A deputy is chosen by bravery, strength, loyalty, courage, wise-ness, etc, as well as their power.
Cats in SoulClan will get their powers around the age of 6 moons. Sometimes they can come a little earlier, or even a little later. Rarely they will receive no power at all. Kits are born with a power but don't know what power it is until they get around 6 moons of age. They don't just wake up and 'boom', they have a power - they have to do something to figure out their power.
By combining powers and regular battle moves, SoulClan cats can come up with some pretty cool fighting techniques. For example: Any cat can scratch, but say you have a cat with Electricity power; then you can combine lightning with your scratch, and make a move called 'Lightning Scratch'. Battle moves like this are passed down from generation to generation, and sometimes cats even invent new moves.
Apprentices are given mentors based on their powers, that way they can be compatible while training.

Gatherings: Gatherings for SoulClan are called "Star Dances." They are help on the nights of a full moon. During Star Dances, the whole Clan goes to the lake to celebrate the stars and watch their ancestors "dance on the lake" (the stars reflecting on the water's surface). Clan members will often time ask others to be their date to the Star Dance.

Camp: The SoulClan camp is in a big hole/crater/quarry in the ground, and the Clan stories say that it was created by their ancestors when the stars fell from the sky (as stated above). The sides of the camp are covered in rock, so it is kind of like a quarry hole. Vegetation has grown in the hole, so it provides excellent protection as a camp. There is a rocky path that spirals down to the bottom of the hole, and that is how cats get in and out of camp as the rocky sides are too steep to climb. The Leader's Den is in a small cave hidden behind a bush. The Warrior's Den is under a ledge in some bramble bushes. The Medicine Cat Den is in a big tree trunk that they say the very first medicine cat, Amberleaf, pushed down into the camp with one blow of her paw - it is surrounded by bushes, and the inside if the tree trunk is covered in soft walls of moss. There is a small clearing behind the tree trunk as well. The Nursery is in a big cave with a small entrance hidden by bramble bushes. The Apprentice's Den is located in a patch of tall grass that is somewhat woven to make a room. The Elder's Den is in another normal sized cave. The leader uses Highledge (a ledge in the camp wall) to announce things to the Clan and have ceremonies.

Territory: During newleaf and greenleaf, the territory is beautiful, and the sun shines brightly and warm in the vast, blue sky. The sun sparkles the flowing water in the streams and river while the birds chirp in the lush green trees. The breeze ripples the grass like an ocean in the meadows where butterflies fly and flowers grow. During leaffall, the trees turn bright colors as the days get cooler. During leafbare, the territory is just as beautiful with the sun sparkling on the snow.
The rocky area is called Gray Rocks by the cats of SoulClan. In Gray Rocks there are many little caves, but in the biggest one lies Mothermouth, a  deep cave in which the Moonstone lies. By the lake, there are rocks called Sunning Rocks where cats can lay down and sun themselves.
SoulClan cats do not mark their borders, as there are no other Clan's around them. They barely ever meet outsiders because this territory is hidden in the middle of nowhere. There is no civilization near by, it's just purely nature and animals. SoulClan tends to be the only cats in this area, but rarely cats can wander out this far into the wild.

Prey: Birds, Squirrels, Mice, Voles, Rabbits, Fish, Frogs, Snakes, etc.

Enemies: Badgers, Foxes, Eagles, Wolves, etc.

Other Animals: Elk


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PostSubject: Re: SoulClan (Warrior Cats w/ Powers) NOT OPEN   Mon Jul 17, 2017 2:31 am



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SoulClan (Warrior Cats w/ Powers) NOT OPEN
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