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 Avatar: Scorching Earth // Not Accepting!

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PostSubject: Re: Avatar: Scorching Earth // Not Accepting!   Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:06 pm

Zasi - Airbender - 16 - Tags//Everyone (and now a dang Fire Rhine. WILL IT EVER END)
Goal in life: Make Kesuk laugh - Zasi: Always on the side of peace

Zasi heard the growing sound of an incoming Komodo Rhino and was about to look behind her shoulder when she felt something solid ram into her. Landing roughly on the ground, she felt short of breath. Gasping for air she opened her eyes to see Kesuk attempting to swing at the passing enemy. Trying to catch her breath she felt the pressure of Kesuk's weight on her, bringing her into a flustered state of mind. There was a boy on her, and he wasn't moving. Grabbing his upper arms to get leverage, she tried to push herself out from under him. "Getoffgetoffgetoff. Get off." She struggled to no avail. An idea popped into her head and she knew she would feel bad for just a second. She gave a small apologetic smile and mumbled an apology. Putting her hands on his shoulder she pushed Kesuk with a small gust of wind. It moved him a couple feet, which was plenty enough to slide out from under him. She scrambled out from under him and gave a small chuckle. "My bad. Didn't expect you to go that far." She gave him a smile, slightly worried she had hurt him. She was right, she only felt slightly bad. It was actually pretty fun. But they had bigger issues right now. Scooping up her staff that had been knocked to the side, she stood up and brushed herself off. Walking over she stuck out a hand for Kesuk. "Thanks for saving me though. I owe you."
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PostSubject: Re: Avatar: Scorching Earth // Not Accepting!   Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:43 pm

Kesuk - Male - 16 - Waterbender
Tags: A little less immediacy of rhino now, but still a lot of firebenders. Somewhere. Off in the smoke. Oh, and everyone else in the group too.

Kesuk was about to get up himself when Zasi grabbed his arms. And started chanting. "Getoffgetoffgetoff." What was her problem? Utterly confused, Kesuk didn't move for a moment. Then she smiled apologetically and mumbled a quiet, "Sorry." Kesuk's eyes widened slightly. What was she apologizing for? Was she going to- she tossed him off of her with a sudden gust of air and scrambled out from under him, leaving him to fall back to the ground. He twisted so he landed on his back instead of faceplanting. Kesuk narrowed his eyes up at the sky. Five seconds. She couldn't have waited five. Seconds. Well, it hadn't been enough to hurt, at least. "My bad," Zasi apologized as she grabbed her staff that she'd dropped earlier. She turned to him and held out her hand, thanking him for his help. Kesuk glanced down at her hand, then back up at Zasi, then took it and pulled himself up. "Keep hold of your staff next time," he told her. He shook his head to get dust out of his hair, then turned away to take stock of where the others were at the moment. They still had a rhino problem to deal with, and that fire rhino was charging through their little clearing, its rider shooting fire at anything that moved.
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PostSubject: Re: Avatar: Scorching Earth // Not Accepting!   Tue Oct 17, 2017 10:37 pm

Lí Ren - Male - 19 - Earthbender

Tags: Everyone (but maybe Kohaku?)

Lí reached the firebender just as he finished clearing the dirt from his face. As Lí brought his knife up in front of him with both hands, the soldier raised his face and his brown eyes locked onto Lí's. Lí steeled himself, and saw shock dawn in the firebender's eyes as his blade plunged to the hilt into the soldier's chest. The soldier blinked once and then looked down at his chest. He lifted a hand up and placed it on top of Lí's, as if he was going to try and remove the knife, but there was no strength in his grip. He looked back up into the earthbender's eyes with an almost pleading look. But then, his gaze lost its focus, his jaw went slack, and he slumped to the ground, the knife still protruding ominously from his chest.
Lí stared down at the lifeless body. He entered a daze, oblivious to the action around him, as his mind tried to catch up with his actions. The soldier was a boy who couldn't be much older than anyone in Lí's group, yet his life was over; Lí had just snuffed it out and watched it fade. Lí had thought and dreamed of doing this numerous times since the Fire Nation had razed his village, but each time, it was a faceless Fire Nation, representing all the evil perpetrated by the military, that fell to Lí's blade. Never before this moment did he think about who was behind those masks, about their lives and their families.
But did that even matter? The Fire Nation had taken those that he loved, so didn't he have the right to return the favor?! But if so, he was no better than they were. Was he now just a murderer as well? Lí's head began to swirl as the fighting around him continued.

(this is not occurring in an instant. Lí is literally standing over the soldier amidst all this combat like he's in a trance, until someone comes along to remove him from said trance.)


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PostSubject: Re: Avatar: Scorching Earth // Not Accepting!   Yesterday at 12:22 am

K O H A K U - Male - 17 - Firebender

All he could register was movement--swirling around him in confusing ebb and flow of action, making it hard to focus on any one thing. It felt like the moment he wrapped his head around one thing, everyone else moved on to another pressing matter and it was impossible to keep up. It just reminded him that he wasn't suited for this--he was suited for sticking to the shadows and pretending he didn't exist to get away on his own terms, not displaying bursts of heroism that he couldn't handle in the first place. He didn't regret sticking around, but it only took a cursory glance to tell him that he wasn't needed here and they'd be better off escaping without having to mind him as well.

Kohaku turned away from the group, ready to flee and stay hidden until the ransacking of the island was over, when a frozen figure caught his eye. It was the Earthbender, standing over a slumped body, a point of tense stillness in the fighting around him. Kohaku hesitated, glancing towards the trees, most of which were now either burning or at least smoking, then back at the earthbender. It was dangerous to freeze in the middle of a fight like that. He doubted that the earthbender would be able to react in time to a soldier or projectile hurtling towards him before it was too late. Kohaku glanced around at the others, but they were preoccupied with their own fights. He bit his lip, unease churning in his stomach. What would he even be able to do? It wasn't as if he could provide cover for the earthbender while he dealt with whatever he was going through, and he doubted he was important enough to get him to snap out of it. But he also couldn't just leave the earthbender standing there, shell-shocked as fights raged around him.

I hope I don't get in the way, he fretted. Kohaku drew up the courage he could and picked his way over to the earthbender, reaching out to rest a hand on his shoulder gently before he thought of what he would say.

"H-hey," he managed out, mouth impossibly dry. Kohaku tried to force out more words, perhaps comfort, but nothing left his mouth. What else could he say?
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PostSubject: Re: Avatar: Scorching Earth // Not Accepting!   Yesterday at 2:42 pm

Tags; Everyone

As Kyori's -- friends? -- came to her rescue and took down the firebender that was approaching her menacingly, the firebender holding her hostage from behind began to panic. He must have seen that the situation was slowly slipping out of their favor. As soon as Kyori saw the flaming arrow hurtling towards them from the corner of her eye, the firebender's hands on her wrists erupted into flames, searing her skin. She let out a scream that blended with the firebender's yell as Seijin's arrow pierced into his arm. The soldier's grip on her vanished, and Kyori half fell, half rolled away from him, practically eating dirt and choking on thick smoke. Pulling herself up to her hands and knees, she looked a the burns on her wrists for only a second before pulling herself to her feet. As soon as her eyes scanned the clearing, there was the fire rhino. There was no hope anymore. "Guys, run!"


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Avatar: Scorching Earth // Not Accepting!
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