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 Welcome to Hell(ingly)

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PostSubject: Welcome to Hell(ingly)    Sun Oct 08, 2017 2:55 pm

Currently a wip, please do not post!

- Graffiti on the wall

(Click on writing above!)

Deep in the woods, an old insane asylum lies crumbling. Wallpaper is peeling, leather is shriveling, it's dark past withering away, at least physically. But if you tap into the supernatural, if you look past what's right in front of you, if you step into this ghostly world, you can see what it really was. Who used to walk those halls, what used to happen, those phantoms of memories- are they dangerous?
Meanwhile, a peaceful— “Tag! You’re it!” — scratch that, a lively summer camp thrives nearby, innocent to the hospital’s existence. The sleepaway camp is a summer home to kids of all ages, but one day a few teenagers take a hike through the woods, and stumble across Hellingly Hospital.

This roleplay takes place in summer 2010, because Hellingly Hospital was in winter 2010-2011.  
It takes place in East Sussex England, and I'll take some liberty with the location because the real place, or where it used to be,
was not surrounded by forest as I planned it to be. Let’s just pretend there's a large amounts of forest surrounding it, and our
human characters are attending a summer camp near, but not aware of, the hospital.

These characters are attending summer camp and accidentally stumble into this area.

Quinn Winters-Female-16-Aestheticrain
Chase Smith-Male-17-rumioki
Melody Thulile-Female-17-matchamochi

These tortured souls died a long time ago, and still haunt or protect the area they have grown attached to,
wether it be in a good or bad way.

Cyrus/Leonidas/Skyler Williams-Male-17-distressed_piglet

Photo credit: Jeremy Gibbs
Font credit: Fontmeme

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Welcome to Hell(ingly)
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