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 Gryphons - 1x1 Draco and Nameless

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PostSubject: Gryphons - 1x1 Draco and Nameless   Sun Jul 16, 2017 11:08 am

Gryphon RP

Plot: TBD

Setting: Medieval

Premise: Gryphons of all sorts exist, not just the typical lion and eagle cross but other cats and birds. There are even those that are not cats though people seem uncertain about these kinds. Gryphon became a popular way for people to show their status, keeping them as pets, training them to do tasks, or hunting the strongest of combinations to show off. The gryphons though reflected the position or person they were with. If a King owned a gryphon, then that gryphon thought itself a king, above all others. If a gryphon was a guard, it would see itself as a soldier typically, often loyal and willing to fight. Of course how those that belong to humans will react to each other or to those in the wild that sometimes are hunted, is anyone's guess.

NPC List:
-NPC Name - Type/Short looks - Short Personality

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PostSubject: Re: Gryphons - 1x1 Draco and Nameless   Mon Jul 17, 2017 5:24 pm

Name: Leon
Age: Young Adult (19-25 range, likely 22)
Gender: Male
Gryphon type: Feline - Bird, considered partially pure-bred
Position: Knight/Royal Guard

Appearance: While not the typical lion-eagle combo of a pure bred gryphon, this one certainly stands out. The cat half is that of a siberian white tiger, the black stripes contrasting against very thick fur that seems longer than is normal, it poofs up a bit. The bird half is stranger with coloration closer to that of a Blue-jay yet seems to be crossed with that of a Gabar Goshawk which is more pronounced in the shape of his beak, the well known curved to a point of a bird of prey. His talons that make up his front legs are also more bird of prey than blue-jay. Really it is only the blue, white and black markings of his feathers that give the feeling of blue-jay as Gabar Goshawk are usually closer to a greyish-blue.

Personality: Fiercely loyal to a fault. Leon is everything one would expect a soldier to be, sitting straight, strong, agile, ready to fight at a moment's notice. Wearing the classic gryphon armor of the royal knights, he certainly looks much like the others except for his more wild colors that make him stand out against the typical browns and blacks of the knights. He is often sarcastic and not very good at social interaction with others, he simply doesn't trust them to do what he can do. If they're sent to run down a thief, Leon will break off the group and do what it takes. Of course being a soldier he struggles to break orders from those who are higher ranked or he has respect for. There are lines Leon would never cross though.

History of note: Son of knights and royal guards, Leon followed in their footsteps into the high ranks of society. A loyal fighter that was trained from the time he could fly, Leon believed in everything he did for the Kingdom and the nobles that reside there. Due to his position though he is mostly unaware of what happens outside the castle and nobles, simply aiding knights and believing whatever he is told about what is going on. Leon's parents ended up in a diplomatic mission that could last for years, in fact they may not come back from it and retire there.

Family: Only child, parents not around

Other: ____________

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PostSubject: Re: Gryphons - 1x1 Draco and Nameless   Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:36 am

Name: Krea
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Unknown
Gryphon type: Mixed breed, Feline - Bird
Position: Merchant

Appearance: Although mixed, but at most not the wildest. The breed is hard to tell from male or female. Slightly larger than a domesticated cat the fur is more flat like a bobcat or a lynx. Having more of a patched rusty pattern and the feathers of a kestrel, but a head of a harrier to fit a more proportional size. The eyes are bronze and the beak citrus with a black spot to the end. Despite the messy colors of the fur and feathers the gryphon is quite soft and a bit slippery.

Personality: Very observant, but others think would think to be nosey, they know their terrain well. They don't mind children approaching them because of their smallish size as long as they don't steal anything from the merchandise. They know who are most likely thieves and not, so they make sure to show signs to other merchants. The gryphon is quite proud of the goods they sell and occasionally will play with them and although not really much of a purebred they sometimes keep (aka steal) goods to stash away somewhere else. The gryphon's beak often twitches before before something mischievous happens.

History of note: Krea was from a litter of a mixed breed of a local farmer and a merchant human took them in. It's unknown to them who their parents were because Krea never grew up with them. They were a first generation of a new merchant breed compared to the others who were mostly falcon/bobcat breed. Unfortunately a lower class than royal and knights they do not much know about the lifestyle and instead are more aware of the outside square and beyond from the castle.

Family: Youngest of merchant gryphons and parents are unknown.

Other: ____________


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Gryphons - 1x1 Draco and Nameless
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