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 Avatar: Scorching Earth // Not Accepting!

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PostSubject: Re: Avatar: Scorching Earth // Not Accepting!   Sat Sep 08, 2018 2:44 pm

Kesuk - Male - 16 - Waterbender
Tags: A gentle flower and a rough rock boi

As Kesuk finished off his first target, he heard Zasi yell an apology as she headed inside the cave. Kesuk rolled his eyes. When Kesuk made it inside, Lí had just taken out one of the last two attackers standing, a woman archer. The way in which Lí had knocked her out was so comical that Kesuk couldn't help but snicker. Her own bow ended up being her downfall. Literally.

That left the last man standing to Kesuk. As he moved towards the swordsman with his own staff in hand, Lí told Zasi to keep her eyes open next time. "For once, I agree with him, Zasi!" Kesuk called out. The swordsman struck at him, and he side-stepped it. A forward-strike with his staff and the man had at least several cracked ribs and wouldn't be getting up from the cave floor anytime soon. Kesuk walked back towards Lí and Zasi, leaving the man to groan in the dirt. The fight had been short, but a good outlet for his frustration. He felt a bit calmer now.

"So, where are these mushrooms we need?"
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PostSubject: Re: Avatar: Scorching Earth // Not Accepting!   Sat Sep 08, 2018 2:54 pm

Some sleeping peeps and the two bros agreeing with each other.
Goal in life: Make Kesuk laugh - Zasi: Always on the side of peace

Zasi frowned a little when Lí and Kesuk mentioned her having to open her eyes when she was hitting people. She had managed to hit them, right? With a small sigh she nodded. "I'll try to keep them open next time I guess. I'm just new to this..." She waved her hands around the groaning and unconscious people. Kesuk then asked about the mushroom and Zasi scampered over to the waterbender. "They should look like the one that shop keeper gave us. Except not dried up..." She smiled a bit and glanced around. Luckily the cave entrance was wide so it gave them enough light to see a decent portion of the way inside the cave.
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Avatar: Scorching Earth // Not Accepting!
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